7 Cosy Cafés you can Work From in Pune

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Working from home might sound convenient, but it isn’t always so. The noise, the distraction, the laziness that creeps in due to the familiarity of the comfort zone, ….there is a lot at stake when it comes to productivity from home.

Does that mean you do not explore this option? Of course not! Opt for working out of a café, and you will see how your productivity and creativity are both affected in a positive manner. Here is a list of options you can find in Pune…

Café Peterdonuts



Spread across various locations in the city, this one’s a favourite amongst the young crowd of Pune. Find a quiet corner in any one of these humongous cafés, get yourself a glass of cold coffee shake and a cinnamon donut, and you’re all set to work!

Where Else Café


A cup of hot chocolate, a feline friend for company and you’re good to go.

Fat Cat’s Café


Red velvet cake, coffee and some peace of mind- exactly what you need to get cracking with that article that’s been pending on your to-do-list! fat Cat’s is situated in two locations- Wanowrie and Koregaon Park.

Café Colombia


Easy going, casual, and great for the creative senses. Do not forget to order a plate of Khow Suey for lunch! (Image: June Biswas)

The Flour Works


A pet-friendly café in Kalyani Nagar that provides ample amount of space for peace of mind, privacy and of course, creativity. Try some of their sandwiches while you’re here.

One O Eight


It’s healthy, it’s peaceful, and it’s great for networking! You needn’t worry about the calories while you’re here.



A sprawling space filled with lunch goers and freelancers alike- this is the ideal place for those lunch meetings you’ve been planning.

Got any more to add to this list? Let us know!

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