7 Bizarre World Records that Punekars Hold

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Ah, Pune. The wonderful, mysterious, and quite honestly, completely crazy city is always surprising and entertaining us. Several interesting things happen within out city which the top most layer of media and news cannot show us. To find the bizarre happenings, you have to dive in deeper and that’s exactly what we are doing today!

The following people are incredibly talented and they are taking their hobbies/passion to another level! We’re talking world or national record level here. Some of the things they do are just unexplainable and you definitely have to check it out for yourself. Here are seven names which turned up the bizarre game of our city!

Preet Shirodkar – Fastest Periodic Table Recitation



I remember that as a student, I used to hate Science. Simply because I wasn’t good at it; all those chemical equations and formulae which I had to learn. However, this young gun recited the 118 Periodic Table in reverse order in 56 seconds,and he’s in first grade. Seriously, a first standard child is definitely more into science than I could ever be! Preet wishes to be a Space Scientist and we’re pretty sure one day, he will be!

Santosh Holi – Fastest Solo Bicycle Expedition

Using a gearless bicycle is a nightmare in itself, but Santosh Holi, a Bhosari resident successfully completed the fastest bicycle expedition from Jammu to Kanyakumari in 23 days. The best part? He did all of this to raise awareness about global warming and pollution control.

The Kulkarnis – Tallest Family in India


Sharad (7ft. 1.5in) and Sanjot (6ft 2.6in) Kulkarni are tall, to say the least. Along with their daughters- Mruga and Sanya, the combined height of this family is 26 ft! They missed the world record by just an inch, but they did set the national record in Limca Book of Records. Imagine finding clothes which fit you especially if you’re 7ft 2in!

Bhavesh Gandhi – Largest 25 Paise Coin Collection


Who doesn’t like money? A better question, who hasn’t saved the old 500 Rs. notes as a nostalgic souvenir? This man has taken this thought to an entirely new impressive level. Bhavesh Gandhi’s collection of 25 Paise coins has almost 61,111 coins. Dayum.

Shri Gajendra Wadhonkar – Maximum Words Written on Rice Grains

Imagine writing words on rice grains. Can’t? Well, now imagine writing 14,487 words on 6444 rice grains. That’s exactly what this talented gentleman did. And that too, without any eye objects or visual aid; talk about bizarrely dedicated!

Shailesh Yadav – Largest Shivaji Maharaj Pagdi

Making a Pagdi is a complicated and exhausting task, there are far too many details you have to pay attention to. Shailesh Yadav however, took it to another level. Measuring 10 feet in height and 30 feet in diameter, this Pagdi is the largest in existence and has helped Mr. Yadav to set a new world record.

Sachin Pannalal Solanki – Most Consecutive Martial Arts Kicks While Balancing on a Medicine Ball


Yep, the craziest for the last. I can’t even imagine how this looks, let alone how he must have achieved this. However, kudos to Mr. Solanki for achieving this bizarre record. He performed 128 Martial Kicks while balancing on a medicine ball in 54 seconds!

Feature Image via Mack Male.

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