7 Best Gavran Mutton Spots in Pune

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I definitely judge every ‘foodie’when they say haven’t had a plate of ‘gavran’ mutton. If you’re in Pune and haven’t even heard of this dish’s name, what are you doing? Gavran mutton is a gift from the Gods itself; soft mutton in a spicy Kolhapuri curry which will make your mouth water. And eyes too.

Pune has a lot of Maharashtrian cuisine places which serve amazing gavran mutton. However, nothing beats dining at a friend’s place whose mom actually knows how to make authentic gavran mutton. Now I’m definitely one of the few lucky ones blessed with such friends, but if you aren’t then worry not! We have compiled a list of seven amazing restaurants which will give you the authentic experience of having gavran mutton. Check it out!

Mavala Durbar – Baner

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Located near High Street, this tiny restaurant sure packs a punch. Their pandhra rassa, kheema, and of course, mutton thali is absolutely delicious. Despite the congested seating arrangement, the food and the wait for it is absolutely worth it!

Maratha Samrat – Camp and Baner

Maratha Samrat Pune

A popular name among the non-veg lovers in the city, Maratha Samrat serves one tasty Mutton thali. Although slightly expensive, the quality and quantity justifies the right hand side of the menu. A perfect place for mutton lovers and family dinners, Maratha Samrat is an excellent option for gavran mutton.

Hotel Chul Mutton – Chandan Nagar

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Image by Amit Shelar

From the décor to the dishes, Hotel Chul Mutton literally defines the authentic Maharashtrian culinary experience. Succulent mutton which almost falls from the bone and tambda rassa are to die for here. Simple, affordable, and authentic, Hotel Chul Mutton is definitely one of my favourites.

Baadlibhar Mutton – Sinhagad Road

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With such a witty name, you only expect the owners to know what they’re doing, and they definitely do. Authentic and almost home-cooked-style mutton which will give you a nostalgic feeling; every single dish at this restaurant is cooked with traditional ingredients and in the traditional method.

J1-जेवण – Shivaji Nagar

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Image by Sneha Dalvi

What I like about J1 is despite their posh ambience, the food is simple, tasty, and authentic. Absolutely no attempt made to create fancy dishes,  J1 cooks mutton and sea food dishes just like any ordinary Maharashtrian family would. With gavran mutton, you actually want this factor- the simpler, the better!

Deewan Khana – Balewadi

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There’s very little I can say about Deewan Khana which will do justice to their mutton thali and solkadhi. You have to try it out for yourself, and don’t be intimidated by the locality of the restaurant. Although posh and upper class, their mutton is absolutely perfect!

Hotel Jagdamba – Shivapur

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Image by Sangram Pawar

If you ever happen to be around Khed Shivapur, you absolutely need to stop by this place. One of the most authentic Kolhapuri mutton is served at Hotel Jagdamba. Make sure you try their ‘sukka’ mutton as well. Sure beats a lot of fancy starters.

Happy eating, Punekars!

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