7 Awesome Road Trips – 7 Legendary Meals – All Around Pune

Let's hit the road!

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There are few things in life as enjoyable as roads trips, especially during the monsoon season (almost there). Now, add to that a mix some great music, awesome company, and delectable food. Listed here are some of the best road trips to amazing locations along with what to feed your belly when you get there, all close to Pune!

Lenyadri Caves

Lenyadri Pune

Divided into three parts, these caves are barely 100 km from Pune, in the city of Junnar. Dating back to the 3rd Century AD, this is a holy site for Buddhists. The climb up to the caves is easy, with over 200 different caves to see.


Where and What to Eat: Swami Samarth Misal, Near Junnar Market Yard. Must Try: Misal (obviously)

Misal Pav Pune


Lavasa Pune

The first planned city of India, Lavasa is a must-visit specially in the rains. The weather is beautiful this time of the year and there are tons of activities to do. Did you know it is stylistically based on the Italian town of Portofino?

Where and What to Eat: The All-American Diner, The Waterfront Shaw. Must Try: Burgers


Alibaug Pune

If beaches are what you crave, Alibaug makes for one awesome day trip. It’s barely 140 km away and has pristine beaches, all the water sports your heart desires and you can be back home in time for dinner. Unless you prefer an overnight trip.

Where and What to Eat: Hotel Sanman, Opp. Chirag Executive. Must Try: Fish Thali

Fish Thali Pune


Foggy Landscapes, tranquil and lush green views, all of this at about 100 km from Pune. From the lake and market in Mahableshwar to the Tableland in Panchgani, there is something for everyone to do here.

Strawberry Cream Pune

Where and What to Eat: Mapro’s Garden, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road. Must Try: Veg Grill Sandwich and Strawberry with Cream

Bhushi Dam

Bhushi Dam Pune

This is a masonry dam on the Indrayani River, located in Lonavala about 70 km from Pune. It’s a must do activity in the monsoon. It gets crowded on the weekends so plan accordingly.

Where and What to Eat: Golden Vada Pav, Old Mumbai Pune Highway. Must Try: Vada Pav (duh!)

Sinhagad Fort

This historic fort is impressive and stands out amongst all the other forts in Maharashtra. Barely 25 km away, it gets wet and cold in the rains. Leaving your car down and trekking up is quite an adventure.

Pitla Bhakri Pune

Where and What to Eat: Road Side Eateries, dotted all over. Must Try: Pithla Bhakri


Dapoli Pune

A long stretch of beach in Ratnagiri, Dapoli has plenty of secluded sea shores and beaches. If you like long peaceful walks on the beach, this is the place to go. It’ s 200 km from Pune.

Where and What to Eat: Annapurna, Near KKV Information Center. Must Try: Maharashtrian Thali

Time to Pack your bags, fill your tanks and hit the road. Safe travels, fellow Punekars!

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