7 Awesome IPL Screening Spots in Pune

Cheer on, Pune!

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I really, really used to detest summer. The unimaginable heat, even the unbearably warm evenings used to make the season dull. Being a captive in my own house, thanks to the weather in Pune, I used to search for ways to kill time. Until I realised that I had to step out. But do what?

Thankfully, ever since IPL started, my summer has gotten a lot more entertaining and bearable. There’s something to look forward to, and even though watching matches from the comfort of my own sofa is amazing, it doesn’t beat the shared experience of watching it with other passionate fans. Pune’s F&B industry soon realised the need for screening venues and voila! We have some amazing live screening places now where we can cheer for our favorite teams. Check this list out and watch today’s game at one of these amazing places!

Aufside @ Hotfut | Swargate

Aufside @ Hotfut Pune


A rooftop turf and screening venue at Kumar Pacific Mall, Swargate, Aufside is my favorite place to watch live matches. Be it IPL or Football, this venue never disappoints. A classy sports bar with a huge projector- inside as well as outside- and commentary, of course. Aufside is a perfect place to sit back and enjoy the live games.

Frozen Monkey | Pune University | Hinjawadi

Frozen Monkey Pune

Located on University Road, Frozen Monkey has been pulling some serious crowd. The food, drinks, the loud cheering… who wouldn’t want to be at Frozen Monkey during an IPL screening? Make sure you get there on time though, the place is pretty crowded on most nights!

Replay Sports Bar | Baner

Replay Sports Bar Pune

Not just a catchy name, Replay Sports Bar knows how to do casual dining with a sporty twist, yes literally. You want a chilled beer while gazing at the TV screen? You want to sit around a crowd which supports and shouts when your favourite team knocks a ball out of the stadium? Look no further, Replay Sports Bar in Balewadi is the perfect place for you.

All Rounder Shots | Viman Nagar

All Rounder Shots Pune

From Snooker tables to Foosball, from Box Cricket to VR games, All Rounder Shots isn’t your ordinary sports bar. If you aren’t the one who’d like to just watch a game, if you want to play one yourself, All Rounder Shots has it all for you.

Toss Sports Lounge | Mundhwa, Kondhwa 

Toss Sports Lounge Kondhwa Pune

I’ve always loved Toss Sports Lounge for its delicious finger food and a very lively atmosphere. The seating is just perfect; you can almost laze around like you’d do in your own living room while watching a match. For a chilled beer pint and a live IPL screening, head over to Toss Sports Lounge in Mundhwa.

Cafe Toons | MG Road

Cafe Toons Pune

How can we forget our beloved Toons Café?! Although numerous venues are available in our city now, Toons still has that charm, still has that old crowd which sings and cheers loudly. Saturday nights make Toons especially amazing, so for the next match, you know where to go. Toons is in Camp, of course.

Hidden Place | Koregaon Park, Dhole Patil Road, Kothrud

Hidden Place Pune

This list would obviously be incomplete without Hidden Place. Located in Koregaon Park, Hidden Place is the perfect place for a screening, that is if you’re tired of haunting KP for cheap places with good beer. The atmosphere is, of course, legendary, and Hidden Place will show you how to cheer. Or curse, depending on how your team performs!

Happy weekend, Punekars! 

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