6TH ENVIRO Green Theatre Festival

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Global warming, climate change habitat destruction, environmental pollution and other critical issues faced by the only living planet- Earth is no longer alien terms for people. Every person on the planet today is worried about the ecological imbalance and is also trying to make a conscious effort to help save the planet.

As an organization dedicated to spreading the message of Eco Awareness and Green Living and to encourage and equip people to put into practice the simple yet effective methods to help Nature Conservation, Ecofolks has been hosting the Enviro Inter-School Drama Competition across the Maharashtra State in  joint effort with Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).

Drama has always been one of the most appropriate and effectual mediums to highlight any issue that requires immediate attention. So when it’s as sensitive issue like highlighting current scenario of the planet in terms of the impact of human greed and illogical development and rapid urbanisation, its a potent medium to drive the message in the minds of the younger generation and the older alike.

When the school children who will grow up to be the citizens of tomorrow, perform on the stage and rake up some of the most pertinent Environmental Issues affecting us and our planet through the medium of drama it will not only entertain but simultaneously also draw the attention on the growing environmental concerns of planet earth.


This drama competition is thus designed to provoke young minds to understand the consequences of our actions on the environment. The cause and effect relationship and we aim to make citizens of today Ecozens of tomorrow and convert the Cityfolks to Ecofolks.

The Theatre festival also runs parallel to the Green School Award, an initiative to felicitate schools that are in their own way promoting awareness on environment by taking up various environmental activities.

Enviro Green Theatre festival is a State level event conducted in 5 cities across Maharashtra viz Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad & Kolhapur.

The 1st,2nd & 3rd prize for the best drama is Rs. 5,000/-,3,000/- & 2,000/- respectively.

The topics for the competition are :

1)    My Environment.

The Pune event is Co-organised by Ecofolks , Renuka Theatre & Pune Muncipal Corporation.

The Entry fee is Rs. 200/- per school and the last day of receiving the entry is 2nd Feb 2013.

The Elimination Round will be conducted at Indradhanushya Environment & Citizenship centre, Nr Mhatre Bridge, Pune

Free Nature trails and workshops will be conducted for the participating students.

The Finals will be conducted at Balgandharva Rangamandir,Near Sambhaji Park, Pune on Monday 11th Feb 2013.

For further details contact Mr. Gajanan Patil :9764007685 / 9145645297 or email : gajanan176@gmail.com

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