6 Supposedly Haunted Places in Pune

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Our city is known for a lot of things; culture, history, food, education, the IT industry, so on and so forth. Amidst all the bright lights and swanky malls, there are places that will send a chill down your spine. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, it’s always good to keep an open mind. Time to gather your wits and go through the following list…

Shaniwarwada Fort



The most well known haunted words of any place in our city is “Kaka mala vachva”. This fort was built in the 18th century and there was a fire later on which caused numerous deaths. The famous saying is supposedly of a young prince who was murdered by family members. Apparitions of this prince are said to roam the walls of the fort. Entry is restricted after 6:30 pm. I wonder why!


Victory Theatre, Camp


Pay for a movie ticket here and you get a haunting experience for free. The unexplained screams and giggles seem to be heard here, especially during late night shows. Patrons of this place claim to hear and feel seats rattling and moving on their own. Go ahead enjoy a movie here but I wouldn’t book any last show tickets.

Lady Halima School, Kondhwa


The story goes, during class a teacher asked a student to read what was written on the black board. Not only did the board go blank, but an “egg shaped ghost” was seen coming out of it. The kids took off and the school was actually shut for a few days. The parents had to be convinced by the school authorities regarding the safety of their kids and only then did classes resume.

Khadki War Cemetery, Khadki


A cemetery in itself is a pretty scary proposition; this one seems to have sightings galore. Local residents keep their distance from this place post sunset. It is said the sightings here are from the untimely deaths of the soldiers buried there. Visit this place post dark for a chilling hair raising experience.

Chandan Nagar, Yerwada


A little girl died on a construction site in a tragic accident and she can since be seen running around, playing post midnight. She has been seen by locals or people just passing through the area, wearing a dress and holding a toy in her hand. Best to change your route unless you are the adventurous kind.

Holkar Bridge, Khadki


Built in the 18th century, this site is known for mysterious deaths and paranormal activities. Locals avoid traveling via this route, especially at night.

It’s hard to believe that in today’s day and age these places still exist. Who doesn’t like a scary encounter once in a while?  FYI this article was written in day light with lots of people around. Get your spook on, Punekars.

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