6 Stunning Waterfalls Around Pune You Need to Visit!

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With monsoon’s arrival in Pune, we’re all busy making weekend plans. This beautiful season calls for weekend getaways with the entire family, and waterfalls are the perfect spots to laze around while marvelling at the beauty of mother nature.

Now if you’re thinking of the possibility of these waterfalls simply because we’re a metropolitan, you’re sorely mistaken. Pune is surrounded by lush green nature and plenty of water bodies, and during monsoon, they’re a sight to behold! So give this a read and plan the spots you want to see first!

Bekare Waterfall


A two hour drive will take you to this picturesque waterfall near Karjat; a perfect one-day getaway for us Punekars. The Bekare village is perfect for grabbing a quick breakfast before you set out on a hike. As for this waterfall, it’s around 75 feet tall and the best part is that you can rappel down its entire length!

Randha Waterfall

Located around 165 km from Pune, a four hour drive will take you to this gorgeous location. It’s one of the major sources for hydro power generation in the Bhandardara region. Randha Waterfalls can be best seen from a temple on the banks of the Pravara River, which can be reached via the NH 60 highway. While you’re here, you might want to check out Umbrella Falls too!

Thoseghar Waterfall
Image by Vikas Hegde

Located in the Satara District, the Thoseghar Waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in the entire country. With a height of around 500 metres, you’ll need to drive for around 3 hours to reach this heavenly spot. Entering the waterfall is strictly prohibited for safety reasons, but you can experience the sheer might and beauty of the water force from the surrounding area.

Devkund Waterfall
Source: Treks and Trails

Located 110 km from Pune, Devkund Waterfall is easily accessible and a perfect option for a day-long getaway. A delightful option for family picnics or photo sessions, the waterfall experiences heavy tourists during the monsoon season, so weekends should be avoided. Just know that getting to the waterfall spot requires a trek worth over a couple of hours so be prepared for that!

Madhe Ghat Waterfall
Image by Apoorv Agarwal

Located in the Raigad district, Madhe Ghat Waterfall is definitely the closest one for us Punekars. Just around 75 km away, the waterfall trek is the highlight of this destination. The water force and the entire trajectory can be seen from afar, making Madhe Ghat Waterfall a perfect destination for picnics and family outings. You absolutely must go exploring, the valley views here are breathtaking!

Ahupe Waterfall
Source: Adventure Nation

Located in the Bhimashankar district, Ahupe Waterfall is known for its picturesque surroundings and the ferocious water flow. There’s a wildlife reserve in the vicinity of this waterfall, so the entire area is carefully maintained and protected by the government. A rather untapped location around 140 km from Pune, now would be a perfect time to explore it before it becomes popular and the horde of tourists start flocking to it.

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