6 Spots in Pune Serving the Creamiest Cupcakes!

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So popular were cupcakes back during my childhood (before the entire array of French desserts had swept over Pune), that almost all the famous cooking shows and recipe books had their own takes on the ultimate cupcake recipe. From different kinds of icings to a flavored ‘base’, it was impossible to have a single piece and walk away. So we’re bringing the nostalgia back with this list, and fair warning- you’ll be craving a few cupcakes once we’re done. Here are six spots in Pune serving the creamiest cupcakes!

Dobby’s Café | Vadgaon Budruk


As an avid Harry Potter fan, I jumped to attention when my friend told me about this place. From the décor to the dishes, the entire Harry Potter theme is so heartwarming. As for their cupcakes, you definitely need to try out their Sorting Hat cupcakes. Topped with a dollop of icing and edible confetti, they definitely give you the Hogward vibes!


The French Window Patisserie | Koregaon Park


One of my favorite places for desserts in general, The French Window definitely serves amazing cupcakes. Try their Red Velvet and Chocolate Ganache cupcakes; both which are just a mouthful, but explode on your tongue. They taste just the way they look- sinful.

The Sassy Teaspoon | Koregaon Park
Image by @rimziluvpeace

Another spot in KP (boy, KP sure does desserts right!) The Sassy Teaspoon specializes in cupcakes which look adorable and taste heavenly! You definitely need to try out their Rainbow as well as Nutella cupcakes, both extremely flavourful and easy on the pocket.

Love Sugar Dough | Koregaon Park and Shivaji Nagar
Image by @happytaurean

LSD is a top-notch place for artisanal desserts. From cupcakes to muffins and cheesecakes, their array of desserts surely has us drooling. As for their cupcakes, they specialize in the mini ones, which are priced at INR 30. Do try their Sticky Toffee and Rocky Road cupcakes, both unique and equally delicious.

Cocoa Patisserie and Bakery | Senapati Bapat Road


I’ve been a huge fan of Cocoa ever since I tried their variants of bread, and to be honest, the rest of their baked goods were just the cherry on the cake (sorry, not sorry). Snickers and Lemon Blueberry cupcakes are my favorite; you’re absolutely going to love their icing!

Minus 18 Degrees | Baner


Minus 18 Degrees proves that a place which looks classy can definitely sell food which matches the quality of the décor. Although slightly expensive, the desserts at this eatery are some of the best I’ve ever had. Their Red Velvet Cupcake is to die for. Also, try their Salted Caramel and Banana Cupcakes!

So, Pune peeps, don’t forget to tag us in your pictures when you visit these places! 

Feature image by Minus 18 Degrees via Instagram

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