6 Spots in Pune for Delicious Kachori Chaat!

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Although not created or perfected in our local region, Pune still has excellent Kachori spots! This crispy, fried to perfection delicacy with all the Chaat jazz has us all drooling. So, check out this list for amazing Kachori Chaat spots in Pune!

Jalebi Junction, Baner
Image by @shingare_aniket30

One of my favorite eateries in Baner, Jalebi Junction specializes in crispy and filling Kachoris. The popular dishes here are Dahi Kachori and Dahi Samosa- both come with delicious sweet and sour dahi which is peppered with some chaat masala and onions. Good stuff!


Tatyo, Deccan Gymkhana

This tiny spot on Deccan Gymkhana serves one of the best Kachoris in the city. The Kachori is crispy and broken apart so that the green chutney and shev can penetrate it, it’s quite an affair. The service isn’t really good but the Kachoris are worth a shot. If nothing else, you can always have them delivered to your doorstep!

New Refreshment House, Tilak Road

One of the oldest eateries in the city, food here still has that homely and nostalgic vibe. It even looks simple, but tastes delicious! The Samosas and Kachoris here aren’t your usual ones, they look slightly different but still taste amazing! You can even get a small bowl of a ‘sample’ with your Kachoris along with dahi if you want to try something different.

Shree Gajanan Shegaon Kachori, Karve Nagar


Every time I crave a Kachori, I think of this name. Their Kachoris are flattened instead of being fluffy and porous, so you can eat the Kachori Chaat just like Papdi Chaat. Green chutney, shev, onions, and if you want, tamarind chutney. Try it at least once if you haven’t already!

Chaat Bazaar, FC Road


Many people go to FC road to shop, but there are a lot amidst them who specially prioritize Chaat Bazaar. Delhi Kachori Chaat, or Raj Kachori Chaat, both are delicious, filling, and extremely easy on the pockets. Make sure you ask for the extra helping of their ‘chhole’ to have a savoury, spicy bite of your Kachori Chaat.

Tasty Tongues Chaats, Bavdhan
Image by Rohan Chougule

Perhaps the best for the last, Tasty Tongues serves one of the best Kachori Chaat you have ever eater in Pune. Their Kachoris are enormous, so making a chaat out of it means that you need some serious appetite. All in all, an excellent option if you’re craving chaat, Delhi Chaat to be more precise.

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