6 Soul-Satisfying Nutella Dishes in Pune!

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How many Nutella lovin’ peeps in Pune?! That stuff is pretty good, yeah? It’s dominating the dessert menus in most of the restaurants because of its versatility and how it can change the most mediocre dish into something tasteful and unique. If nothing, just a spoonful of Nutella can change our day! So for all Nutella fanatics, here are six crazy Nutella dishes in Pune you absolutely need to check out!

Nutella Waffles @ Dezart, Deccan Gymkhana
Image by @vishalkunte

At Dezart you don’t get waffles, you get jaffles, their own twist to waffles. The specialty here is the Nutella and Mascarpone Jaffle- a delicious blend of two delicious ingredients served with scoops of ice cream. A sticky, tasty affair to end the day on a sweet note!


Nutella Greedy Shake @ The Greedy Man Pizzeria, Baner
Image by @indianfoodtails

It looks similar to what it sounds; crazy and delicious. A shake topped with and made from Nutella might sound like Nutella overdose, and we’re not complaining. They bake all the fresh ingredients which are then placed delicately atop the shake, like brownies, whipped cream, fudge bars, and chocolate scoop!

Nutella Cheesecake in a Jar @ Frozen Bottle, FC Road


This concept has gotten tremendous popularity, all thanks to Frozen Bottle. A gooey, chocolate-y cheesecake which can be scooped from a bottle ticks off two major things – taste and utility (forget messy fingers now.) Try their other variants too- Mint Choco Chip, Belgian Chocolate, and Oreo Cheesecake- are pretty good as well!

Nutella Freakshake @ Oh Freak!, FC Road
Image by @punefoodhunt

Nutella overdose? What’s that? The Freakshakes at Oh Freak! seriously scare you upon first glance. Their Nutella Freakshake especially looks daunting; served in a mason jar and topped with Nutella ice cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate sprinkles, and chocolate sauce, this thing looks huge and too good to be true. But oh, it is true and delicious!

Nutella & Oreo Ice Cream @ Cream Stone, Multiple Outlets
Image by @_the_hungry_dentist_

Arguably one of the best Ice Cream places in the city, they particularly do Nutella Ice cream really, really well. It’s creamy, slightly dark, and not sickeningly sweet, just how Nutella desserts should be. Their Nutella & Oreo Ice Cream is a delicious affair; two heavenly ingredients mixed together.

Nutella Pancakes @ London Bubble Co., FC Road
Image by @punee_foodieee

Thick, gooey pancakes topped with a healthy dollop of Nutella and chocolate sauce sounds delicious. Here’s something even better, the mini pancakes at London Bubble Co. are actually made of Nutella, and yes, they are totally irresistible. I kid you not, the taste doesn’t leave your mouth for the next couple of hours!

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