6 Resolutions All Punekars Need to Make

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When it comes to resolutions, the way I see it, the first two weeks of January are basically the testing waters. Hats off to those who still manage to keep all their resolutions once the pressure of “New Year new me” begins to fade. I personally make mine after the 15th; real, realistic resolutions without the influence of alcohol. So I thought of six very easy yet impactful resolutions that all Punekars should take.

Stop Littering

Cannot stress the importance of this one enough! It’s unfair to go abroad and drool over the clean and beautiful cities, while we come back home and not think twice before chucking something out the window. It’s not so difficult to throw it in the next bin. Not all things can be blamed on the government, some changes start from us as responsible citizens. Stop the littering, the spitting and the peeing on roads.

Develop Driving Etiquette


Even if the educated part of the city’s residents began to follow traffic rules, the others would be left with little choice but to cooperate. If everybody drove in an orderly fashion, there would be fewer jams, and no need to yell abuses at each other. You also wouldn’t be putting someone else’s life at risk. It’s pretty easy, go at green, slow down at yellow/orange, stop at red, and respect the no entries and one way roads. If possible try to carpool! Also, please stop to let people cross!

Reduce the Noise Pollution

Wouldn’t it be just lovely to drive to work in the morning without the frustration? Just honk less! That feature in your car was placed in case of emergencies, not to honk at people to move when there’s clearly no room in front of them. Don’t be the “boy who cried wolf.” You’re just being a nuisance. Tell your rickshaw/cab drivers to calm it too. 

Value Your Life – Safety First

You’ve grown up enough to realise that whatever your mom said, she said for your good, but you’re a 30-year-old who doesn’t wear a seatbelt? Why? Some rules are made for your good. Wear your seatbelt and helmet. Don’t drive drunk. Think of those who care for you. Or at least think of others whose lives you’re endangering.

Be Kinder to Stray Animals

They’re poor things who have no place to go because we’ve ruined their natural environment. If you’re planning on getting a pet, consider adopting one, I promise you that they’ll love you the same if not more. If you can’t give them shelter, the least you can do is give them some water/food or just be kind to them. If you can’t do that much either, then leave them alone. They’re not bothering you.

Be Kind in General

Be kind to one another. Ask your regular grocery guy how he’s doing. Offer water to the delivery boy. Smile at your neighbors. Give out your old blankets to the security guard. Consider putting old clothes in donation drives rather than using them as mops. Find your own way of making a difference this year.

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