6 Places in Pune Where You Can Buy Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idols

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With less than a month left for Ganeshotsav, all the preparations are in full swing! Everyone is eagerly awaiting our favorite Bappa to come and bless Pune, and while the spirit and celebrations should not be unchanged, we should care about the environment as well.

Just like the drop in firecracker usage level, more and more Punekars are prioritising eco-friendly festivities. Ganeshotsav is no different, and the citizens are opting for idols which are not made from P.O.P. Alternate eco-friendly materials are being used to create the murtis. If you are eager to celebrate this Ganeshotsav while caring for the environment, then worry not, check out these six places which are selling eco-friendly Ganesh idols in Pune.

G D Utturkar, Erandwane

Made out of Shadu maati, these idols are eco-friendly because they dissolve easily in water. This does not in any way hamper the beauty and intricacy of the Ganpati idols and go a long way in celebrating this Ganeshotsav in a clean and environment-friendly way.


Ganesh Kala Kendra, Sadashiv Peth


Ganesh Kala Kendra has always appreciated and motivated local artisans during Ganeshotsav. The idols, despite being set in POP mould, do not have any mixed POP in them. They are made of natural clay and natural colors which do not hurt the environment at all.


Image by eCoexist

eCoexist is an organization which strives to preserve nature and their idols are entirely hand-crafted. Materials like natural clay, paper, and cow dung are used to create idols, and natural colors made from fruits and vegetables are used to paint them. The organization also sells other festive materials which are all natural!

Morya Arts, Pen District As the name suggests, they only sell Ganesh idols which are entirely natural. The idols are crafted from Multani Mitti and they are painted with natural Vermillion. Priced as low as INR 250, Morya Arts is something you definitely need to check out.

Aniruddha Upasana Kendra, Shivajinagar


Made from a mixture of paper-mache and Sabudana, these Ganesh idols are made by the devotees in the Upasana centres. Natural colors are used to paint the idols and they can only be bought from their centers.

Desai Bandhu Ambewale, Kothrud

Made entirely from ‘shaadu’ clay, the famous Mango sellers in the city also sell Ganesh idols. The specialty of these idols is that they are replicas of famous Pune Ganpatis like Babu Genu, Dagdusheth Ganpati, etc.

Go get your eco-friendly idols today, Pune! 

Feature image by VedSutra via Wikimedia Commons

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