6 Places in Pune for the Best Plum Cakes!

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The festive season calls for some major self-spoiling. And what better way than to gorge on amazing desserts? It’s the season for carols, decorations, gifts, and of course, those rich and delicious Plum cakes. So, if you’re a massive fan of plum cakes, and you need some buying options, worry not; check out this list of places in Pune for the best ones! 

Just Baked | Dhole Patil Road


One of the most popular plum cakes in the city now gets a slight, delicious revamp. As opposed to the traditional rum and walnut cakes, this year, they’re soaking the ingredients in a mixture of rum and brandy. So expect a bitter, rich undertone to every single bite.


Marz-o-rin | Camp
Image by @jatin_mallick

Who doesn’t know/like Marz-o-rin? This beloved bakery has been serving delicious baked goodies and other yummy food items for quite a while now and thankfully, the taste has been consistent throughout the years. Same goes for their plum cakes; they are packed with candied fruits, walnuts, cashews, and everything good in this world. A true festive miracle!

Royal Bakery | Camp
Image by @natashajadav

Someone had the audacity to tell me that Christmas means no alcohol. Well, guess who Santa is mad at now. But jokes apart, if you want rum soaked plum cakes, then this is the bakery to head to. Delicious, filling, and of course, with the typical warm feeling you get when you devour one shamelessly.

Diamond Bakery | Fatima Nagar


Renowned for their fresh breads, pastries, biscuits, and sandwiches, Diamond Bakery also sells the best plum cakes you’ll every taste. Don’t believe us? Just head over to the street, the aroma of freshly baked plum cakes will have you feeling like the children from Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Baker’s Hut | Pimpri Chinchwad
Image by Tushar Dalvi

Pimpri Chinchwad might be too far for some of you, but trust me, this plum cake is going to make you want to commute. The ingredients are soaked in an alcohol mixture for a month, so you can expect the consistent boozy, and dry fruit-y taste throughout the bite. A must-visit for this season!

French Window Patisserie | Koregaon Park
Image by @thefrenchwindowpatisserie

Once you taste their plum cake, you’re going to go buy one on a daily basis for the rest of the holidays. The alcohol content is just right and the cake is ultra soft and fresh. While you’re there, we highly recommend picking up some Chocolate Eclairs too!

Don’t forget to tag us in your festive pictures, Pune! Happy holidays! 

Feature image by @khaasiyat via Instagram

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