6 Places in Pune for the Best Modaks this Ganeshotsav!

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My favourite thing about Ganeshotsav is homemade ‘Ukadiche Modak’. Every year, my mother sits down with my aunt and they both spend a whole morning making modaks for the entire family; safe to say that it’s one of the best naivedyache jevan I have throughout the year. And I know I’m not the only one, most Punekars eagerly await Ganeshotsav for those delicious Modaks.

For those who prefer to buy their modaks instead of preparing them at home, we’re listing down six places where you can get modaks as good as homemade ones. So this Ganeshotsav, head out to any one of these places in Pune and have your share of delicious modaks!

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

Image by Varun Tipnis


The obvious and the best name at the top, Chitale surpasses almost every sweets’ shop in Pune. However, make sure you reach their stores in time, they run out of Modaks pretty fast, obvious again considering their popularity and product taste. Chitale also sells chocolate modaks, get some of them as well if you’re lucky enough to reach there in time!

Kaka Halwai

Image by Anirban Dey

Another popular name in the list, Kaka Halwai provides tough competition to Chitale’s modaks and one bite is enough to prove why. As good as your grandmother used to make them (she would agree), Kaka Halwai’s modaks are enough to give you that wholesome feel.

Khawakee Sweets, Aundh and Kothrud

As the name suggests, Khawakee will entice you with just one bite of their modak. Located in Aundh and Kothrud, their stores witness numerous modak fanatics during Ganeshotsav. Again, make sure you get there in time, they run out of Modaks pretty fast!

Hotel Shreyas


For those who want to dine out and have a traditional dining experience, Hotel Shreyas is the place to go! Their Thalis are as authentic as Mahrashtrian food can get, and their modaks are the highlight of these thalis.

Karachi Sweet Mart, Camp

Although not the place for ukadiche modak, Karachi Sweet mart does sell amazing fried tiny modaks. Crispy from the outside, and gooey inside, these bite sized modaks will have you craving for just another piece. Just one more, and then another.

Khalsa Dairy & Sweets, Viman Nagar

If you are in the mood for experimentation, try Khalsa Dairy. What’s so special about this dairy? Well, they serve two kinds of unique and delicious modaks- Malai Modaks (Made from saffron, ricotta cheese, and heavy cream) and Kesar Paneer Modak (made from Paneer, ghee, saffron, and milk). Absolutely worth trying, experiment a bit this Ganeshotsav!

Feature image by Soma Sengupta aka @myfridayfoodswings via Instagram

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