6 Places in Pune for Creating Fabulous Live Sketches


Pune, how many readers do we have who’re also urban sketchers? ‘Kaleche Maherghar’ has come a long way since it’s christening. With social media at a steady uproar, more and more artists are taking over the platform to showcase their skill and passion. Exposure adds to the talent, and our Pune artists are utilizing social media to the maximum!

Live sketching has always been tricky but extremely rewarding. When you live in a metropolitan city, you’re spoiled for choice. People, monuments, architecture, and other varied choices can positively influence your art and hone your skills. So if you’re into live sketching and want to explore the city through your sketchbook, then check out these seven amazing locations!

http://sparkbomb.com/magikan/10733 Mandai
Sketch by @kvidyut

Always a bustling center of activity and life, Mandai can be a challenging place if you’re not sure of where to start. A good suggestion would be to take a walk and explore the place, hunt for live subjects which can offer you a challenge. Go to the top floor of the public parking space to get a good idea of the expanse that is Mandai!

free online dating sites reviews Savitribai Phule University
Art by @surbhighodke_art

The city’s center of education is bustling with activities and students; several fests in different departments can offer you good subjects for live sketching. If nothing, the beautiful campus has plenty of features which deserve to go into your sketch book!

dbna partnersuche Parvati
Art by @ashoo_1807

Another famous spot where you can gaze at the city’s skyline and marvel at the expanse of our civilization. It’s serene, and soothing at the top; perfect for you to focus and sketch. You can also experience the beautiful trees and view at the top which can inspire you to no end!

http://vedantaiowa.org/?makrosyt=dating-site-university&113=87 FC Road
Art by @kvidyut

Might sound strange, but FC road during busy hours offers some of the most tantalizing visuals you can ever find. The people, restaurants, old architecture and the crowd in general, or even the colors and buildings can be really lucrative for those who want to do portraits or live sketching!

this article Aga Khan Palace
Art by @surbhighodke_ar

Create history on your canvas, or sketch those witnessing history; Aga Khan Palace is really popular amidst artists. Its structures, hues and surroundings make it the perfect muse; it’s also a perfect spot for a quiet afternoon sketch!

navigate here Peth Areas
Sketch by @parth_rasse

Choose any of the numerous Peths and you’re spoiled for choice. Each of these Peths offer something different and distinctive to the trained eye; this can be what you’ve been needing to create for a while now. People, shops, buildings, street animals, food, temples, there are so many things which you can give birth to on the paper. Seen above is a sketch of Amruteshwar Temple in Sadashiv Peth.

https://mathieupansard.com/15534-dtf63138-application-de-rencontre-gratuite-iphone.html Feature image artwork by @productivitytheory via Instagram

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