6 Places for Superb Filter Coffee in Pune

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Filter coffee or kaapi is a hot beverage made popular in our nation by the Southern states. Apart from their amazing cuisines, their coffee has graced most of our dining tables and late-night conversations. Piping hot, aromatic and served in a steel glass, the filter coffees in Pune can rival any western coffee.

We’ve compiled a list of places in Pune which serve the best filter coffees. These joints are really cozy, will definitely relax your pockets (unlike some expensive coffee shops), and the fresh, aromatic smell of grounded coffee will wake you up. Just prefect for this chilly winter!

Dravida’s Bistro | Dhole Patil Road | Viman Nagar
Image by @foodiepreneur


South Indian thalis are a specialty of this humble eatery, but do not count off their glass of Filter Coffee. It has an aftertaste of cherries with a slight undertone of jaggery. A perfect cure for hangover mornings or chilly evenings!

Iddos | Baner
Image by @sashas_savoury_stories

Iddos is gaining rapid popularity for of their South Indian cuisine. The filter coffee here tastes different than most of the coffees you’ve had; the cherry and plum undertone is refreshing and delicious. Served with full-fat milk, Iddos’ filter coffee is simply heavenly.

Hotel Roopali | FC Road
Image by @leledipika

Roopali hardly needs any introduction and same goes for their filter coffee. Renowned throughout the city, their filter coffee is served hot as well as cold. What’s impressive is that the taste and flavour hasn’t changed throughout the years; perhaps that’s the secret behind Roopali’s enormous popularity.

Anna Idli | Baner
Image by @shreyansh_jayani

Specialising in the cuisine of Karnataka, their filter coffee is served piping hot with frothy milk. What’s noticeable immediately is the aroma when it arrives to your table; the robust and strong undertones of grounded coffee are soothing and energising at the same time. A must-visit if you want to explore amazing filter coffees in Pune!

Sambar Pune Veg | Viman Nagar
Image by Ashita

Known for their filter coffee, Sambar is another eatery you must check out. Priced at INR 12, their filter coffee is the cheapest and quite possibly one of the best in the city. Sambar is always bustling with regulars, another proof of an eatery doing a great job!

Café Pondi | Kalyani Nagar
Image by @thebiasedcoffeeholic

Amongst the the most delicious filter coffees in Pune, Café Pondi is yet another noteworthy name. Priced at INR 70, the taste does justice to the price. A slice of Pondicherry in your cup, the taste, aroma, and the texture will have you smiling ear to ear.

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