6 Perfect Monsoon Food Combos in Pune!


Pune rains bring along with them monsoon food cravings like no other season can. It’s the food combos and how perfectly they fit with the weather and the mood. I’m talking about chaha and bhajji; tell me, is there a food combination more perfect than this? I know, I know. You’re craving it now, so keep reading to find more such combos and the spots in Pune where you can enjoy them!

adopte moi site de rencontre Wada Pav/Misal/Sabudana Wada with Chaha @ Shree Datta Snacks | Pune-Mumbai Expressway
Image by @thetravellingtote

You’re incredibly lucky if you’re reading this before your next drive to Mumbai. Located on the highway, this tiny eatery serves a heavenly combo of piping hot chaha and Vada Pav. If you’re fortunate enough to get there in time before the Bread Pattice is all sold out, please make sure you order a plate along with of course, chaha. Guaranteed to make the most cloudy day feel absolutely delightful, this combination is a proven mood setter!

carbon dating method is used to determine the age of Palak Bhajji and Chaha @ Teri Rajput Dairy | Koregaon Park
Image by Priyavaasu

Monsoon is my favourite time to just explore Koregaon Park because of its lush green lanes, and last year, I stumbled across this tiny gem. Crispy and fried to perfection, their Spinach Pakodas are to simply to die for! It’s incredibly tough to just stop after one plate, and no, they won’t judge you if you cheekily order your second or even more.

https://www.luas.gov.my/kms/lifre/5068 Chicken Samosa and Imli Chutney @ Akhtar Samosa | East Street
Image by @rohya8

Perhaps the go-to stop for most of Pune when it comes to Samosas, this tiny stall, run by Mohammad Akhtar, has a rather large reputation. Located on Saifee Street in Camp, he serves freshly hot Mutton and Chicken Samosas and his taste and quality is unmatched. Note that the stall only operates for four hours a day from 4-8 pm and the place is pretty much over-crowded all through those hours. But it’s so worth it!

wikipedia reference Bhoplyache Gharge/Bhajaniche Vade @ Khadadi | Sadashiv Peth
Image by @traveller.fooooodie

A taste of Pune right in the heart of our city, oh it can’t get any better. These two Maharashtrian delicacies are a household favourite, but if you’re new to the city, or if you’re a Mumbaikar missing your family, worry not, just head to Khadadi. Crisp and sweet Bhoplyache Gharge (flat pumpkin vada) or Bhajaniche Vade are the perfect solution to homesickness! They also serve delicious Thalipiths!

more tips here Mawa Jilbi (Jalebi) and Chaha @ Indore Jalebi | Camp


Monsoon is the perfect time to indulge in some carbs and if you heartily agree with me then extend your trust a bit further and visit Indore Jalebi. A sticky, gooey, sweet affair coupled with piping hot chaha will guarantee a memorable day. You can order in of course, but why miss the drive through the city in the gorgeous, romantic rain?

visit this site right here Dal Pakwan @ Mangle Ki Dukaan | JN Road, near Malashree Restaurant


If you haven’t ever tried Dal Pakwan, what have you been doing?! This Sindhi delicacy, which consists of three types of Dals cooked together and then drizzled with different kinds of chutneys and served with fried flat bread also known as Pakwan, is a perfect monsoon combination.

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