Learn Scuba Diving with these Six Organisations in Pune!

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Pune peeps, for those of you who are into outdoor activities, city life must really get to you, no? A sedentary lifestyle ensures that you’re stuck in the city without too much of thrill or exercise, which makes you crave some adventure.

While there are several thrilling options for us Punekars, Scuba Diving has been a welcome addition to the list. I personally love water, so anything related to it, especially diving or swimming, gets my attention. If you’re just like me and you need that rush of adrenaline, then Scuba Diving is a fantastic option. Check out these organizations which teach you to scuba dive!

Absolute SCUBA



One of the most popular scuba diving organizations in India has its roots in Pune. It’s here that you’ll get your scuba diving certification, and you can also enroll in PADI courses. Their instructors are internationally certified, so rest assured you can have your share of fun without worrying about your safety. Absolute SCUBA will get you one step closer to exploring the mysterious underwater life which you have always dreamt of.

Contact: 9860003456 | 9970983456

Blue Bulb


Another Puneri organization based out of Yerawada, Blue Bulb will train all the underwater enthusiasts in taking their first breath underwater. Their trained instructors will teach you all about Scuba Diving in an Olympic-sized pool, this course is eligible for non-swimmers as well. Here you can explore your passion for Scuba Diving while learning more about it!

Contact them on Instagram



Be a part of the largest international community of recreational divers; this course is highly recommended for those who know nothing about Scuba Diving but are really excited to find out! Their PADI instructors will provide directions and adequate information about Scuba Diving, you can also enroll for one-on-one sessions with their scuba instructors. They have different scuba diving zones in their training camp which are perfect for amateur swimmers as well.

Contact: +91 8411965215 | +91 9970022668



A scuba diving organization in Yerawada which focuses on training you for the ultimate step, Wandertrails sure knows how to make Scuba Diving exciting. Their certified PADI instructors will guide you in every way when it comes to your first Scuba Diving experience. You can learn theory and techniques of underwater swimming here.

Contact: +91 9632563535 (connect@wandertrails.com)

Finkick Adventures


A unique Pune-based scuba diving organization, Finkick specializes in teaching scuba diving as well as conducting scuba diving tours. Their list of international scuba diving tours is pretty impressive, but worry not, if you’re not ready for that step just yet, they have some classes in Pune and Mumbai as well!

Contact: 09158411371

Joshua’s Scuba Diving


This unique scuba diving organization conducts diving classes and tours in Tarkarli – a hot-spot for scuba divers. They have several dive sites in Tarkarli, and you can partake in this experience with their PADI certified diving instructors. Make sure you book your classes as soon as you can, the spots fill out fast!

Contact: 9860432111

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