6 of Pune’s Best Pocket-Friendly Eats (Part II)

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Continuing on this frugal gastronomy journey, our city has so much to offer that we had to divide the article into two parts. Let’s see what other goodies we can find at the prices we love.

Pav Bhaji


Originated in the 1850s as a fast lunchtime dish for textile mill workers in Mumbai, the bhaji is not only flavourful, the pav that is toasted with butter is just brilliant. Almost every place you eat it at has its own taste, but they are all pretty darn good.


Must Try Places: Supreme Corner, JM Road. Juice World, East Street. Cream Corner, Camp. For more places, read our list of the best Pav Bhajis in Pune!



Partly snack – partly meal, all in all, a perfect and pocket-friendly meal with a variety of options. Thrifty stomach satisfying options that are a feast for the senses, range from the light Pani Puri to the super filling Ragda Pattice, with everything in between. Hard to name just a few places, but we put Pune’s best chaat joints down, where you can find these tongue-tickling delights.

Must Try Places: Kalyan Bhel locations. Jai Shankar, Camp. Chaat Bazaar locations. Kailash Parbat locations.



For the non-veg aficionado, the aroma of a good kebab that’s freshly made in the tandoor or on an open coal pit is hypnotising. It looks like a snack but if eaten enough or with bread, it is sure to turn into a tasty meal. Kebabs are sold at fine dining restaurants across the city, but the ones we are mentioning below are tried and tested for both taste and value for money.

Must Try Places: Radio Hotel, Shivaji market. Madinah locations. Al-Hifazat, Nagar Road.



From college kids to corporates, everyone loves a good burger. With options to suit whatever be your sin; Veg, Chicken, Mutton, they are available in a lot of different versions. Patties of deliciousness, sandwiched between super soft buns, paired with veggies and dripping with the accompanying sauces. The messier the better, I say… While Pune isn’t really known for its burgers, you can still try a few decent joints serving this western all-in-one meal. Enjoy this inexpensive treat at these places.

Must Try Locations: RushHrs locations. Burger, Mundhwa. Burger Barn locations.



Making its presence in our city, all the way from across the Arabian Gulf, this Middle Eastern dish is winning the hearts of Punekars one bite at a time. Besides not being overly unhealthy it’s also not very spicy. . Open flame grilled veggies, falafels or chicken is put in a pita pocket with other trimmings and sauces to make this one a must have.

Must Try Locations:  Seven Locations. Café Arabia Locations. Hite Bar Locations.



It may not be a meal per se, but no Pune food list can be fully complete without a dessert option and we love kulfi no matter what flavour or how it’s served. Kulfi Falooda being a big hit. Cold and creamy, enjoy this sweet treat at these places.

Must Try Places: Mohan Ice Cream, Shivaji Nagar. Shiv Kailash, Opp. Pune Station. Tulsi Malai Kulfi, Aundh.

So you see, there are a lot of cheap eats available in Pune today. These are some of our favourites. While we love food, we also love saving money, which can be used to recharge our phones or put gas in our vehicles. Let the Frugal Express roll on!

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