6 of Pune’s Best Pocket-Friendly Eats (Part I)

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On an average, we eat three square meals a day and about two snacks in between. I, on the other hand, seem to be eating every 2 hours, which means food can get pretty expensive, for a staunch Punekar like me. Here’s a list of foods which you can enjoy on a budget and where you can find them.



Nothing is better than this grab-and-go snack. Fillings galore, you can get it anyway you like, toasted, grilled and plain. Don’t fancy savory? How about a chocolate sandwich? Or one mounted generously high with grated cheese to kill those cheesey cravings?


Must Try Places: A1 Sandwich, Camp. Falahaar, 3 locations, Marz-O-Rin, MG Road, Flavors FC Road.

Omelet/Bun Maska 


Those clever Persians with their cafés all over town! The Omelets they serve with Bun maska and chai is hard to resist anytime of the day. Our vegetarian brethren can try the Broon maska or the cheese toast.

Must Try Places: Vohuman Café, DP Road. Café Goodluck, Deccan, Diamond Queen, East Street.

Kathi Rolls


This Kolkata street food has become a staple for us in this city, from the ones who first started this about 20 years ago to the new chain places selling this delicious dish. A kathi roll joint, messily dripping with deliciousness, in never too far from where you are.

Must Try Places: Olympia Kathi Kebab, Camp. Kapila Kathi Kebab, DP Road. Faaso’s locations, Rolls Mania locations.

Idli Sambar (South Indian Food)


South Indian food has a set place on our palate and it won’t be vanishing anytime soon. There are a lot of places that serve the Udipi fare in a variety of options and since I can’t list all of them, here are a few of my favorites.

Must Try Places: Vaishali, FC Road, Supriya, Camp. Iddos, Kothrud. Rama Krishna, MG Road.

Vada Pav


The original veg burger sold in our city in countless numbers by the day, is a super tasty way to get full and keep your pocket full in the bargain. This delicious dish is best enjoyed roadside, sold hot and fresh. While on the subject, I’d recently given a lowdown on the best Vapa Pav in the city.

Must Try Places: Garden Vada Pav, Camp. Joshi Vadawala locations. Goli Vada Pav locations.



No meal is complete without dessert and Mastani, a creation of our fair city, is as good as it gets. Flavors are plentiful and it’s nothing less than amazing on the palette. Creamy and filling to the core, this is the best dessert on a budget.

Must Try Places: Sujata Mastani at various locations.

While you’re at it, here’s a list of dishes we Punekars cannot live without; delicious food on a budget!

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