6 Noble Causes in Pune You Can Volunteer for!

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People in Pune are known to be kind-hearted and for the most part, extremely helpful! The city has several individuals whose lives are dedicated to making other’s lives better. Their initiatives are focused on working towards the betterment of humans, animals, and mother earth, in general. So if you’ve always wanted to help out but couldn’t think of where to start, worry not- check out this list!



Started by Pravin Nikam in 2011, NGO Roshni focuses on improving the education and health conditions of children living in slums. They run five campaigns these days – The Period Project, which spreads awareness about menstrual health. The Pee Campaign – which works towards providing clean toilets. The Kitab Express – which promotes reading, The Readers & Writers Project – which provides readers and writers to the visually impaired, and the Pink Project – which spreads awareness against Breast Cancer.




Formed in 2012, LetsRISE works for the betterment of children. Children facing the brunt of sexual exploitation and human trafficking are helped by this amazing NGO. They also work towards finding a permanent home for the children as well as collaborating with municipal schools in ensuring that children get an education.

Bookwallah Organization


Another NGO which emphasizes on encouraging children to read, Bookwallah needs your help! They organize reading sessions for orphanages by building libraries for them. They conduct competitions like storytelling and reciting poetry and they also have movie days with the orphanages.



Started in 2007, ResQ works towards providing immediate relief to trauma emergency for animals. They also work to educate people regarding animals, but their main concern these days is vaccination and rehabilitation of animals from stress zones. Also, these days they are heavily engaged in spreading awareness regarding human-animal conflict, and they need as much help as they can get!

Teach for India


Founded in 2006, Teach For India is a popular organization which brings people together in order to educate the underprivileged and less fortunate children of our country. They recruit college graduates and professionals to teach in low income schools. You can also opt for being a full time teacher once you’ve cleared their selection process.



Established in 1997, Manavya was one of the first NGOs in India to focus on rehabilitating innocent victims of HIV/AIDS. They run ‘Gokul’, a home which offers safe shelter, educational opportunities and proper care to all the victims. They need volunteers who can help them to teach advanced skills like computers languages to the children.

Feature image by @thetreetrails via Instagram

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