6 Must-Visit Seafood Spots in Pune

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Pune is home to some of the country’s finest eating joints (we’re hagoras like that) and that includes seafood spots. Although there are many places that serve really delectable seafood, I tried picking out my favourites. Here goes…


If I knew the world’s going to implode tomorrow, I’d be dining here tonight. Scratch that; I’m dining here tonight anyway. Owned by the legendary producer Suresh Bhat, it initially opened as a small joint on Narayan Peth. The place now has a second branch on Law College road. Their fish thalis have won awards for crying out loud.



Whatte gem this one is. Situated at two spots in the city (near Tilak Road and Shaniwar Peth), their Prawns Platter Surmai Goan Curry and Squid Butter Garlic are pure seafood heaven. Extra points for the fresh produce!


I have friends from the coastal region who claim that this is the only place that does justice to their local cuisine. You especially must try their Crab Chilly Fry, Clams Sukka and Tawa Fish Fry. Their prices however, are not exactly easy on the pocket.


If you’re dining here, the absolute must-haves are the clam chowder, seafood Biryani and fish curry. If you’re a seafood lover and you don’t return home sated, kindly get yourself checked up all nice.


This legendary spot, known amongst seafood lovers within and outside the city, serves up a mean crab plate and fish curry. The place is perfect for a night out with the family. Make sure you reserve a table in advance though; they’re usually packed, especially on weekends.



Each time I get a craving for Appam with Fish Curry, you’ll find me holed up here. If you see their menu (I couldn’t post it here because it’s eight odd pages of mainly seafood), it’ll get your head reeling. Even the Baby Surmai has a section of its own… What more can I say?

#OmNomNom, Punekars!

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