6 Must-Visit Places During a Heritage Walk in Pune


Pune has several hidden as well as visible gems scattered throughout its expanse. A city like ours with such rich heritage is renowned for a lot of locations. Other than Shaniwarwada, Sarasbaug, and Mandai, Pune has more than a few factors of attraction which invite plenty of tourists year-round.

If you are to take a heritage walk through Pune city, these are the six places you must visit. Although not unknown, very few tourists as well as city residents acknowledge them as ‘heritage places’. However, they most definitely are, so check out this list and refer these spots to your non-Punekar friends when they’re in our city again!

rencontre gay vincennes Tambat Ali

Image by Aniket Date

The pivotal artisan area in Pune is Kasba Peth. Tambat Ali, a Copper-workers’ street within Kasba Peth is renowned for its artisans who make beautiful, intricate copper items and utensils.  A brief walk through this area will give you an insight into the Peshwa era of the city.

site de rencontre sous android Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways

Image by Sunit Satpute

If railways have been an important part of your childhood, Joshi’s Museum of Miniature Railways is the first place where you need to stop. A huge collection of toy trains and various models awaits you within this museum. An excellent place to revisit your childhood!

site de rencontre gratuit pour jeune homme Kumbharwada

Image by Manoj Darji

The twin sister of Tambat Ali, Kumbharwada in Kasba Peth houses a large number of Potters. You can witness the aged and traditional art of pottery, and their skilled hands will create a dreamy story in front of your eyes. Another must-visit place in our list!

pop over to these guys Burud Ali

Image by Arun Kumar

Located near Ravivar Peth, this lane is a heaven for anyone who’s a fan of cane works. Bamboo cane workers with their skilled hands create beautiful cane items right in front of you. As they say, “You pay half for witnessing how its created, the other half for the actual product.” And it stands true for Burud Ali.

explanation Vishnu Belbaug Mandir

Image by Omkar Vaidya

Pune’s most famous Vishnu temple can be found in Belbaug chowk, and with it comes a lot of history, myths, and legends which you need to hear from the locals themselves! This temple has seen the rise and fall of the Maratha empire, so if you’re in Pune, stopping by this place is a must!

what are the top free online dating sites Tulsibaug

Image by @asiwaspassing

Even if you’re not a fan of shopping, a walk through Tulsibaug is a must. If you pay attention to your surroundings, you’ll see that beyond the hawkers and peddlers, the Peshwa architecture is still very much present. The Tulsibaug temple itself is extremely beautiful, with carvings and paintings within the temple telling us the Ramayan story.

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