6 Joints for Delicious Samosas on the Streets of Pune!

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Although originating from Punjab, Samosas are an integral part of our city’s street food culture, all thanks to the food and cultural exchanges between Punekars and those migrating to Pune. They’re very easy on the pocket, extremely delicious and easily available! So without further ado, check out this list and go get a plate of Aloo Samosas with some hot tea. This is a good one, Pune people!

Anarse Samosewale | Sadashiv Peth
Image by @food_psychopath

Perhaps the most famous spot in the city for Samosas, Anarse Samosewale have set the bar high with the quality of Samosas they serve. A unique potato filling in a crispy samosa, which is then served with red and green chutney. I promise you that you just can’t resist having more than one!


Tasty Tongues Chaats | Bavdhan
Image by Kirti Singh

If you are a fan of Delhi Chaats, then Tasty Tongues Chaats is a must-visit for you. Their Shahi Samosa or even the normal Samosas are heavenly. Served with tamarind chutney, each bite will have you craving for more. Don’t forget to try out their Samosa chaat as well!

Hotel Tilak | Tilak Road
Image by Nikhil Gangavane

Who doesn’t love Hotel Tilak? The beloved chaha spot and eatery on Tilak road also serves a delicious plate of Samosas. Piping hot chaha and a plate of Samosas in your hand and your mornings are sorted!

Dharwadi Mishra Pedha | Sadashiv Peth
Image by Mohan Suralkar

This famous sweets shop in Sadashiv Peth is renowned for their Dharwadi Pedha. However, their Samosas and Kachoris are equally amazing. If you happen to visit them in the morning, you’ll get a hot plate of Samosas that will have you smiling in gastronomic pleasure!

Shri Gajanan Shegaon Kachori | Karve Nagar


Kachoris and Samosas go hand in hand and at Gajanan Shegaon Kachori, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Note that they run out of Samosas very quickly, so you’ll have to get there in time if you want to bite into one incredible samosa!

Ambe Snacks, Allahabad Samose Chhole | Viman Nagar
Image by Akhil RJ

Specialising in Allahabadi Samose, this tiny eatery is located smack in the middle of the IT hub. Bite into their Samosa without any Chutney, it’ll have you sighing in delight. However, our advice is to try their Samosa chaat and their Dahi Samosa-Aloo Tikki Kachori, which is simply impeccable.

So, Pune peeps, Samosa party soon? Tag us in your pictures, okay?

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