6 Fun Things to do in Viman Nagar, Pune!

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A multi-diverse city like Pune will never run out of options for interesting activities and events. Several spots and localities in the city are renowned for certain aspects – Koregaon Park for its nightlife, the Peth areas for heritage and budget shopping, Baner and Aundh for delicious food, and so on.

Viman Nagar is a bit versatile when it comes to this; it offers a little bit of everything. So here’s exploring activities, food and lifestyle of this locality. Take this with you the next time you’re headed to spend a day in Viman Nagar! 

Phoenix Marketcity, Pune



This mall hardly needs a formal introduction. Pune’s number one shopping and lifestyle destination, most of the city has spent a day here at least once in their life, well most of us who can afford it, that is. Known to have some of the most elite and suave fashion brands and some of the best food, spending a day in this mall is hardly a worry. More than enough reasons for Punekars to forget the outside world for a while, Phoenix Marketcity has got to be your top stop in Viman Nagar.

Udaan Biodiversity Park
Image by Sandeep Kishore

Step away from the fancy but crowded shopping districts and restaurants, and unwind and relax in this famous biodiversity Park. A perfect spot for morning walks and meditation, Udaan Biodiversity Park is a tiny spot of heaven in the congested Viman Nagar. You can also spend lazy evenings at this park with your loved ones; now there’s a date which doesn’t require you spending enormous cash.

Food Trail
Ravi’s Dosa – Image by @hungryfoodwalk

A short walk from Datta Mandir to the Citibank ATM, and you’ll stumble across a food trail which is heavenly for broke bachelors and food connoisseurs alike. From cheap yet delicious Momos, sandwiches, toasts, and sweets at Khalsa Dairy, there’s something for everyone here. Also, don’t forget the famous Ravi Dosa as well; a sheer treat for those who are looking for healthy food alternatives!

Irani Cafe
Image by @get_set_eat

If you haven’t visited this cafe in Viman Nagar, now would be a good time to check it out. One of the best places for delicious and affordable food in the locality, Irani Cafe serves some lip-smacking Kheema Pav, melt-in-the-mouth Bun Maska and refreshing Irani Chai.

Asher’s Art Corner
Asher’s Art Corner/FB

Awaken the child within you and fall in love with art and crafts all over again. Neha Asher, the owner of this place, has been an art teacher for the past 25 years. Several of her workshops are based around creating art from recycled products; some of her students (no age limit) have gone on to become professional artists. Truly a fantastic opportunity to get in tune with your inner artist, Ashers Art Corner in Viman Nagar sure seems to be a promising spot.

Address: Ashiana, Plot No – 96/A3, near Dutta Mandir, opposite Konark Arcade, Viman Nagar, Pune

Chokhi Dhani
Image by @deep.sawant

Although at least 10 km from Phoenix Marketcity, Chokhi Dhani is worth the drive. Experience the taste and flavour of Rajasthan right here in Pune! Yes, you heard that right. Just like its counterpart ‘Sanskriti’, Chokhi Dhani is a cultural resort where you can experience Rajasthani food, music, dance and other activities without stressing your pockets. For adults, the pricing is somewhere around INR 650, and for kids, it’s INR 450. They also have traditional puppet and dance shows in the evenings which are splendid affairs!

Feature image by @vishesh.rofl via Instagram

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