6 Fantastic Restaurants in Kothrud you Need to Check Out!

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One of the most popular areas in Pune has to have everything, yes? Well, for the most part it does. Kothrud is legit a self-sustaining part of our city’s ecosystem, and the culinary delights which it has to offer are endless.

Kothrud isn’t unaware of the tremendous dining options, and neither are its residents. However, if you have just moved to this area, or if you’re passing by and need dining options, then that’s what you’ll find in this list. These are the six restaurants in Kothrud you absolutely need to visit  at least once (if not more often)!

Image by @sagar_chandak08


One of the most popular dining venues in the area, Barometer has a lot of hype surrounding its name. When I first visited the place to verify the hype, I was pleasantly surprised. The décor, music, food, cocktails, almost everything is as good as they say. It’s elegant and classy, so perhaps not the best place for a casual drinking night (might get expensive) but it’s a perfect venue for a date night or even a good family dinner.

Le Petit Amour Patisserie & Bistro
Chocolate Semifredo – Image by @lepetitamour_pune

If you are looking for an amazing bistro with good food and ambience, then Le Petit Amour is the place to be. Their desserts are especially renowned throughout the city, but make sure you keep a buffer time for dining as this place tends to get crowded pretty quickly.

La Gustosa
Image by @lagustosapune

A top-notch Italian restaurant in Kothrud, visit La Gustosa for amazing pizzas and pastas. A quaint little place with amazing dining options, La Gustosa has its very own list of regulars now, and perhaps that’s what makes the waiting time so long. However, a crowded place is almost a guarantee that the dining experience is going to be amazing. Make sure you try their Lasagna as well.

The Tipsy Duckling
Butter Chicken Pizza – Image by @payal_dalwani

Craft and tap beer fans in Kothrud can rejoice, The Tipsy Duckling serves an amazing array of beers and cocktails. The place is large enough to accommodate parties, and the food is pretty amazing as well. Make sure you try out their Cheesecakes and Pizzas.

Maratha Samrat
Image by @_harshitgupta_

Sometimes, going back to the roots is the best thing a restaurant can do, and Maratha Samrat has nailed this. Simple and delicious Maharashtrian cuisine has been enticing Kothrud residents for a while now. The traditional Marathi music playing in the background definitely adds to the entire dining experience.

Cheesy Nachos – Image by BarBerry

The one on FC Road is enormously popular, and the recently opened branch in Kothrud is enjoying the same success. A great place to spoil yourself with an array of Continental cuisine, their food and alcohol offers are quite enticing. Also, they have live music, something which Kothrud restaurants desperately needed!

So, Pune peeps, now you know where to drink and dine in Kothrud the next time you’re there! If you already live in Kothrud, we’d love for you to add your favourite places to this list! 

Feature image by @twofoodiesofakind via Instagram

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