6 Facts about the Osho Ashram in Pune!

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Netflix launched their very own documentary on the life of Osho and the entire Rajneesh movement. Wild Wild Country highlights the entire movement and uncovers some of the realities as well as bashing some of the misconceptions about the widespread spiritual takeover of Osho.

Pune, being the birthplace of this movement, has always been in the news regarding the Rajneesh movement. The first Ashram started in our city in Koregaon Park, inviting several foreigners as well Indians to Pune. The movement is nowhere near its full strength these days but it’s still active. So let’s take a look at the place where it all started!

Not an Ashram!

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not an Ashram, rather a meditation center. You pay to be a part of the program, and it’s commercial, but the spirituality is still transparent. The organization does not deny nor does it hide the commercial angle of the meditation centre. It’s official name, in fact, is Osho International Mediation Resort.



Being a part of this program isn’t as easy as you think. To register, you have to be present at the centre with a valid passport, photos and other documents. Most importantly, an ‘on the spot’ HIV test is conducted, and if everything is cleared, only then are you allowed to be a part of this program.

Not a Typical Centre

Osho Pune

To be honest, this place caters more to foreigners than our core Indian meditation practices. There’s a Jacuzzi, tennis court, Spa and other recreational facilities in the Ashram which cannot be found in any other Indian counterpart. You have to pay a fee of INR 1600 to be a part of this program as well. The robes that are their outfits cost another INR 500.

Sex Spirituality

Perhaps a no brainer, but the Rajneesh philosophy heavily relies on the open-mindedness and positive attitude towards ones sexuality and body. Although Osho is termed as a ‘Sex Guru’, there is no negative connotation attached to it. The Ashram itself encouraged sexual activities without taboos.


The movement and the Ashram are firmly inspired by the Atheism movement. Spiritual, yes, however, there’s no God for this movement; the only thing people believed here in was Osho, and ironically, made him a God. Osho himself was not  particularly fond of this.

Scope of Rajneesm

Pune Osho Ashram

The Ashram saw the scope or the potential of this new religion. The entire movement, which spread throughout the world, including the infamous Antelope incident in the USA, all stemmed from the Ashram in Pune. That is why the Osho meditation centre in Pune gets almost 15,000 visitors each year!

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