6 Delicious Mango Dishes in Pune to Beat the Summer Heat!

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Pune, summer is here! We’re already in the middle of a hot March, and it’s just about the get even more scorching! Now, of course there are all those cold drinks and ice creams to help you chill, but summer in India without gorging on mangoes is just a sin. Especially if you live in a city like Pune, which gets Hapus mangoes in abundance. So, let’s take summer head on by exploring our Mango options. Take a seat and check this one out!

Mango Devil @ The Blue Plate, Aundh
Image by @closetcourtesies

This delicious and devilish dessert is bound to have you revisiting The Blue Plate this summer. Mango pieces at the bottom of a tall glass are layered with mango custard, whipped cream, and then topped again with mangoes. Every bite just keeps getting better!


Mango on the Rocks @ SpiceKlub, Shivajinagar


This restaurant has their own unique take on Mango desserts and it’s a secret recipe of theirs. They solidify mango pulp into ice rocks right at your table, in front of your ice. Topped with a slice of mango, this cold beverage will have you sighing in pleasure.

Mango Almond Cake @ Fat Cat’s Café, Wanowrie
Image by @fatcatscafe

Order a slice of preorder an entire cake, although fair warning- their mango almond cake runs out really quick! Made with of course, freshest of mangoes and almonds, every bite is a tantalizing tango on your tongue. Your best chance of getting a slice is heading over to the place on a weekend!

Kesar Mango Mastani @ Sujata Mastani, Multiple Outlets
Image by @amon_tcr

Perhaps the most popular and the most common name in the list, Sujata Mastani has been helping us beat the heat since ages! Made with flavoured mango milk and mango ice cream, you can already guess how good this tastes! And the best part is that their outlets are scattered all across the city, so you don’t have to drive around a lot!

Mango Lassi @ Aaoji Khhaoji, Multiple Locations
Image by @leeba_thomas_

This drink looks harmless but has the actual capacity to put you in a food coma. It’s so delicious, but so heavy at the same time; calling it thick would be an understatement. Sip on a tall glass this summer at Aaoji Khhaoji and keep the rest of the afternoon free for a long nap.

Mango Pancakes @ Yolkshire, Kothrud and Aundh
Image by @the_savage_lens

Pancakes and Mangoes. I’m already sold. Two pancakes stacked on top of each other and then topped with a huge amount of mangoes and whipped cream ensures that you’ll probably forget about your gym that day. What an absolute treat!

Tell us your favourite mango dish in Pune and always tag us in your pictures!

Feature image by @the_savage_lens via Instagram

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