6 Delicious Anda Bhurji Plates on the Streets of Pune!

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Pune has some incredible street food and Anda Bhurji has been a crowd favourite for decades now. A lot of the city’s Bhurji stalls operate until 3-4 am, saving us from hunger pangs and hangovers! Just in case you’re unaware about the gift of street side Bhurji in Pune, you must continue reading and check out this list of six places for some heartwarming Anda Bhurji! 

Reshma Bhurji Center @ Erandwane
Image by @its_all_about_pune

In the list of several amazing eateries in Karve Nagar and Erandwane is Reshma Bhurji Center, known for their greasy and extremely spicy Bhurji Pav. This tiny eatery dishes out copious amounts of Bhurji Pavs and Egg Fry Biryani. The seating arrangement doesn’t go beyond 20, so you might have to wait for a while. They also serve delicious Chicken Angara and Anda Angara!


Café Durga @ Multiple Outlets
Image by @trencher_man

As a college kid, Cold Coffee and Bhurji Pav at Durga was a saving grace for me. In fact, I bunked a lot of lectures just to chill at Durga. The prices have changed drastically, but the quality is just as good as it was back then. Order their Cheese Bhurji, and top it with a healthy shake of that ketchup bottle!

Atharva Eggs Corner @ Tilak Road
Image by Snehaa Desai

This tiny handcart is extremely popular, mostly for their Bhurji and boiled eggs. The ambiance isn’t something worth writing home about, but then again, tiny eateries always serve incredible food, which is the focus here. The Half Fry and Anda Tikka are worth tasting here as well!

The Bhurji Handcart @ Railway Station, Shivajinagar


Perhaps this one is the most popular joint in the city and such is its popularity, that you only have to ask any person around there about its location and they will guide you. In case you didn’t know about it, it’s right outside the main wall of the Railway Station. A bunch of Bhurji guys that keep their stalls open until the wee hours of morning, so you’re sorted. As for the Bhurji, what can I say that I haven’t already?! It’s delicious, go for it!

Bhurji Handcart opposite Wadeshwar @ FC Road

just across the street from Wadeshwar on FC Road is a great little joint for some amazing Bhurji Pav. Greasy, spicy red, and filling- promising traits of a good plate of Bhurji Pav. If you aren’t a fan of spicy food, we recommend that you specifically instruct them to make it less spicy, they tend to consider all of us are spice fanatics.

Om Bhurji Pav, Sinhagad Road @ Vitthalwadi

Sinhagad Road desperately needs some good street food, however this Bhurji center makes up for the lack of street grub. We suggest that you order a plate of Bhurji Pav and add their boiled eggs, and then break the eggs into your bhurji. Sounds weird, but try it out!

Do you have a favourite Anda Bhurji joint that’s not mentioned here? Tell us about it, Punekars! And don’t forget to keep tagging us in your pictures

Feature Image by @food24by7 via Instagram

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