6 Breathtakingly Scenic Drives Around Pune!


When you’re tired of the congested and suffocated city life, especially during peak traffic hours, you know you need a getaway. Now that the rains have (kind of) subsided, it’s the perfect time to get on your bikes or in your cars and take off on some of the most scenic routes around Pune while everything is still green!

Our city has been blessed with gorgeous and lush surroundings around its borders. If you’ve ever explored natural surroundings while hiking or trekking, you must know of several lovely spots where the drive itself is part of the charm. So call your squad and plan your next getaway. Here are six drives around the city you absolutely must not miss!

investigate this site Madhe Ghat

Located around 70 km from Pune, Madhe Ghat is a spot between Torna and Rajgad forts. Surrounded by dense forest and a majestic waterfall which drops for almost four hundred feet during peak monsoon season, Madhe Ghat is a sought after location for all the nature lovers. The view from the cliff is worth clicking, and this spot itself makes the Madhe view one of the most picturesque locations around the city!

http://havanatranquility.com/daeso/1694 Pavana

Around 15 km from Lonavla is the serene and pristine Pavana lake. Although the surrounding Kamshet area is explored throughly by tourists, Pavana itself is a relatively unexplored spot. A perfect area for family picnics and camping, the lush green vicinity almost isolated by human life is a sight to take in. It’s pretty close to most of the popular forts around Pune, so it makes for a perfect halt in case you’re trekking or hiking!

http://bullcitycraft.com/milnica/4820 Tamhini Ghat

Yes, admittedly, the road is pretty bad but if you’re a biking fanatic, you know why this Ghat is worth the trouble. Overlooking a picturesque valley which looks like green heaven (especially during monsoon or right after), you’d surely want to explore all the tiny waterfalls in the area. The bumpy ride will soon become a fond memory if you’re really in the mood to get away from the city.

discover this Kolad

A 110 km drive might seem extreme if you’re looking for a one day getaway, but if you’re into adventure sports, you really don’t want to miss out on exploring this spot. Monsoon makes a lush green canvas out of this place and since it’s pretty unexplored, you might be lucky enough to be one of the few humans in the locality (depending on the day). A good place to try out your hand at photography as well!

je cherche une femme pour amitie en algerie Malshej Ghat

Located roughly 100 km from Pune, this Ghat used to be pretty isolated until photographers made the city fall in love with it through their art. Waterfalls around the road side will greet you throughout the drive. The last part of the drive takes you through the Bhimashankar wildlife reserve and trust me you don’t want to miss out on that spot.

http://falumuzeum.eu/minytka/1074 Bhandardara
Image by @metal_baba

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of this place at all, but I’m telling you that you should definitely do some research. The drive to this place takes you through quaint, tiny villages and the air is so fresh and clean that you’ll feel like shifting there. The Pravara River in the area offers the perfect opportunity for a family picnic or a photo shoot!

her explanation So, Pune peeps, where you heading to first? Tag us in your pictures!

Feature image by @shirishmeshram via Instagram

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