6 Awesome Slam Poetry Groups in Pune

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Pune has several amazing slam poets as well as page poets who are changing the poetry scene and it’s safe to say that Pune is one of the leading cities in our country for poetry. Several venues as well as independent publications across the city are focused on hosting and promoting poetry. However, a lot of credit needs to be given to poetry groups across the city which are striving to come together and create something; to get a collective voice out there in the open. Here are six amazing slam poetry groups in Pune

Bullock Cart Poetry


A joint initiative started by Chandrakant and Priyam Redican, Bullock Cart Poetry has been successful in establishing themselves as one of the top slam poetry groups in the city. The group encourages amateur poets to let go of their fear and express what is truly in their hearts and minds.


Pune Poetry Slam


Founded by Manasi Nene, Pune Poetry Slam is arguably the most famous slam poetry group in Pune. Focused on expression through words and performance, they aim to bring poetry to its deserving limelight. For those who want to give it a shot, they also have slam poetry competitions.

A Writer’s Haven


For those who want to connect with slam poets and improve their content, delivery, and confidence, A Writer’s Haven is the perfect slam poetry group in our city. It is here that you’ll observe what the youth of our city and country has to say in just four minutes. They will absolutely leave you spell-bounded!

The Poetic Pune

A group started by poetry enthusiasts for poets and poetry fanatics; The Poetic Pune aims to connect poets for their one shared love- poetry. The concept is pretty simple- anyone who loves poetry can be a part of it, so if the internet just isn’t enough for your poetry dose, you should definitely check out The Poetic Pune.

Pune Poetry Meetup

Poetry transcends through every barrier; age, language, sex and color. Similarly, so does this amazing meetup group in Pune who wants you to share your love and passion for poetry with them!

Baithak and Beyond


An open community, Baithak and Beyond is focused on initiating conversations and fearless expressions. Just like the other poetry groups in Pune, Baithak and Beyond encourages you to join them if you are passionate about poetry and expression; just pay a nominal fee and you can be a part of this beautiful group!

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