6 Amazing Paragliding Spots around Pune

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With the sedentary and congested lifestyle, it’s essential that we breathe fresh air and kickstart our body as often as we can. Out of the several adrenaline sports or activities in and around Pune, Punekars have taken paragliding very seriously. Being the daredevils that they are, everyone wants to test their minds and bodies; what better way to do that than paragliding? So, if you’re living for the thrill, or if you’ve gotten bored with leisure, paragliding is waiting for you. Are you ready? Check out these six spots where you can paraglide yourself to freedom around the city!

Fly Nirvana

Image by @flynirvana

Almost twenty years old, Fly Nirvana is one of the most popular and trustworthy names in the industry. Their flying site is located near Kamshet; you can also take part in numerous paragliding courses which go on for 2-3 days. Corporate tours and activities are also available.


Indus Paragliding

Image by Indus Paragliding

Focused specifically for the novices, you too can experience paragliding with Indus Paragliding. Located near Karla on the old Mumbai-Pune highway, the paragliding starts from the training hills located 10 km from the highway. By paying extra, you can click videos and photos as well while you’re up there!

Temple Pilots Paragliding

Image by @flytemplepilots

With a 100% safety record, Temple Pilots are one of the most recognisable names in the industry. Their headquarters are located in Kamshet due to the predictable climate and favorable topography. Several courses are also available with them where you can learn everything about paragliding and become a pro at it!

Adventure Nation

Image by Adventure Nation

Another noteworthy name in the paragliding industry, Adventure Nation can be sourced at Kamshet. Although you cannot bring your own vehicle, they send you a car to pick you up and drop you at the tandem paragliding site for just Rs. 100.

Wings & Flights

Image by @wingsandflights

Located at Kanifnath and Purandar, Wings and Flights offer novice as well as specialised paragliding lessons. They also offer courses on paramotoring, parasailing, aerial advertising, and photography.

Adventure Battalion

Image by Adventure Battalion

As the name suggests, Adventure Battalion is a challenging military basecamp with extreme adventure sports created by the ex-commandos of the Indian Armed Forces. Several activities including paragliding are worth experiencing if you think you can tough it out at this camp!

So, Pune peeps, let’s make the most of this gorgeous weather and head out into the fresh air

Feature image by @flynirvana via Instagram

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