Being a Working Woman in Pune – Part III | The Ghosts

Wait, did you just ghost me?

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If you have been reading my series, then firstly – big thank you for staying through my rant (till part 3) and secondly, I hope I have inspired you to ask more from your employers and work opportunities.

By now you already know that I am a freelancer, and one of the common practices that we deal with in the fraternity is – GHOSTING. Sounds like a term straight out of a horror movie, right? In some ways, it is. Allow me to paint you this pretty picture:

We met at a coffee shop. It was love at first excel sheet. Our ideas gelled, we decided to take it to the next step and even signed a contract. We worked, we toiled, we sent late night emails – it was fun. And then on the last day of our relationship, when I sent you that one dreadful email asking for payment- poof! Vanish! Ghosted.


What is Ghosting, you ask? It’s that part of a client-freelancer relationship that is treated like a clingy red velvet cupcake asking for cream cheese frosting. It deserves it, but is meant to grovel. Asking for rightful payment for work done is met with switched off cellphones, excuses and in some cases- even verbal bullsh*t.


In my four Puneri years, it’s been a mixed bag. For the first two years, I struggled with astoundingly bad clients, but it has evolved. The city is slowly and steadily understanding this situation and is fulfilling its side of the equation. A steady influx of millennial startups are ensuring that – people get their buck paid. I still face the ghost off and on- but it isn’t giving me nightmares anymore.

But this isn’t just a Pune problem guys, the world is out to con everyone of their worth. Be it Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai- wherever, the Ghost exists. I can see the change in Pune right in front my eyes, I hope the world is changing too.

If it isn’t, you know what you got to tell them: A freelancer is not free, repeat after me.

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