Julying Like a Boss with #Punekar1730

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While Punekars shuffle between work and fun, rain and sun, it is our job to make sure you’re updated with the best of Pune. July may seem like a drab month where even the weather can’t make up its mind, but there are certainly ways to make it a good one! Here’s a favourite spot of ours that promises you entertainment at every hour of every day, Café 1730!

The Lunch Buffet

What’s one sure-shot way to help you snap out of a dull workday? Good food, of course! Café 1730’s Lunch Buffet promises to serve you the ultimate meal – delicious food at great quantity and an even better price (of just 499!*). The buffet is every Monday to Friday, from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM!


Unplugged Wednesdays

With today’s hectic workdays and lifestyles, getting out only on the weekend just doesn’t cut it. For a more stress-free life, we suggest a mid-week breather. In fact, we highly recommend some delicious food, a drink or two and lovely music at Café 1730’s Unplugged Wednesdays. The first weekend of July saw the TMKC duo perform live at Café 1730. Next in line for the coming Wednesdays will be the Shaad Duo (12th July & 16th July), and Argha n Frnds (19th July) with some Indipop and Sufipop.

Saturday Night Live

Ah, the big and much-looked-forward-to night of the week. Saturday Night Live is a special one at Café 1730; the ambiance is romantic and fun at the same time, and you can tell there’s not a drop of tension in the air. You’ll only find plates full of drool-worthy food, live music serenading the crowd, and happy faces around.

Sunday Brunch

Technically Sunday is the first day of the week, and you must always start your week on the right note! Café 1730’s Sunday Brunch is the best way to spend your Sunday relaxing, rather than lazing away at home. It is a perfect get-together for friends and families, with cocktail pitchers and scrumptious food to go around. Guaranteed to end in a bit of jiving!

Happy Hours Everyday!

If none of the above are really your thing, well then, here’s one that anyone would love, Happy Hours! Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free EVERYDAY at Café 1730 from 3 PM to 8 PM on selected brands! Cheers!

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