5 ways to a healthy heart

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A World Heart Day Special

It’s that day of the year when we pay respect and give credit to our heart for what it actually does! A healthy heart is everyone’s need but hey, it pumps optimally only when you are willing to devote your sweat and brow.

Just for the record, cardiovascular diseases are the world’s number one killer! But it isn’t going to claim this position for long. Awareness and measures to influence people embrace a healthier lifestyle are being taken the world over. With physical inactivity being one of the major contributors, let us see how we can map our road towards a healthy heart.

These are testing times. The COVID19 pandemic has lingered for rather long and has involuntarily shaped up a sedentary lifestyle that we all loathe. But within these limitations lie opportunities in abundance to make way for an active life and active environment.


  1. Walk-the-talk: WFH is the new normal and calls durations to seem unending. But who’s connected to a landline that doesn’t let you move! Put your feet and pedometer in action while your mind contributes towards strategic decisions. Now, that’s what we call multi-tasking and making optimum use of time available.
  2. Activate your green thumb: Efforts put in towards cultivating green spaces do not just help in relieving stress but also boosts fitness and burns calories. Gardening encourages the bends, lifts, and squats positions, keeping the joints active. Oh yes, you don’t have to have huge backyard spaces to start; a balcony is just fine too!
  3. Virtual exercise buddy: The pandemic may have limited our social interactions physically but that shouldn’t stop you from building new relationships. Committing yourself to a virtual exercise buddy will ensure that you do not find excuses to not do it!
  4. Create an appetite for health: Many of us have turned into chefs churning out drool-worthy and articulately plated cuisine extraordinaire, haven’t we? It’s time you do incorporate some health-boosting recipes that aren’t a burden on your cardiovascular functioning. Not only will this discourage excess accumulation of calories but will also discipline you into healthy eating habits.
  5. Make use of technology for interventions: It’s easy to get carried away by work commitments and otherwise. Timed interventions help in taking that much-needed break amidst busy routines. Set timers for drinking water, munching on healthy nuts, and savouring seasonal fruits, each day. This lets you move away from your work station for a while and take care of nutrition as well as hydration.

We can’t harp enough about the fact that regular exercise helps keep heart arteries function optimally. Good blood flow and normal blood pressure are essential parameters of a healthy heart and only those to dedicate time and will, achieve it.

So, sedentary people, be cautious! If the pandemic keeps you indoors, nurture your living spaces into a haven to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Stay safe, stay indoors because The Punekar cares!

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