5 Unconventional Ways to Spend New Year’s Eve in Pune

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We’ve done it the usual way a million times; pay through the nose for New Year Eve’s party – struggle for breath in the crowd of people- dance on your toes to avoid stepping on someone else’s- drink too much of the sub-standard yet audaciously diluted alcohol – wake up with a hangover nonetheless. If like me, you’re a disillusioned soul who has given up on the heartless, commercial version of bringing in the New Year, then you’ve either vowed to rebelliously sleep before midnight this year or are frantically looking for something fun to do. Here are a few unconventional things you can do this NYE…

Shimmy with the stars

Experience the magic of a billion twinkling stars as you roast marshmallows and tikkas on a bonfire at your secluded camping spot. A number of adventure companies like TourBugs and ToRoots have organised overnight camps at beautiful private spots to escape the frenzy of the city. Gather your closest friends and head to one of the many blessed places like Shirota Lake and Kamshet for a soulful night that you will still remember the next day.

Get on a bike to take a hike!


Why not begin a good habit one day before the new year? Take a bicycle tour amidst the sprawling Sinhagad hills and stay at an overnight camp that includes barbecue, live music and bonfire. Wake up on the first day of 2017 and head out to the jungle where birdsong and dewy fresh air give you renewed hope for the future. Nothing better to beat the nip in the air than the warmth of friends, family and good conversation!

Get a little Sunburn-t!

Sunburn is happening in Pune and there isn’t a better day to visit than the evening of 31st December. With a drool-worthy lineup that includes the likes of Axwell, Armin Van Burren and Dimitri Vegas you can be sure that you won’t have to dance on Vengaboys and Honey Singh that night.

Frolic with fireflies

There’s nothing as gorgeous as the dance of a million fireflies on a dark night. Head to Mulshi to experience this intoxicating sight that’ll stay with you forever. Places such as Camp Temgarh offer rustic tent stays hugged by mountains. Surrounded by lush greenery and flirty streams, it’s love at first sight for romantics! If you’re really quiet and hear really closely, you can hear crickets beat-boxing for you.

Ogle at the view from Lingana

If you’re in ace form physically and are an adrenaline junkie, take this opportunity to explore the glorious pinnacle of Lingana. Ascend up to 1000 feet above sea level to experience ridiculously beautiful views. The trek combines rappelling and adventurous climbing that will test your physical strength to the extreme. Organised by Explorers, this hike is hugely rewarding because of the peace and panoramas that goes with it.

For most people, New Year’s Eve brings with it the unnecessary pressure of doing something ‘hip’ and ‘fashionable’. But what it really should be about is reminiscing and celebrating with close friends and family without having to empty your wallets for bucket-loads of disappointment. Here’s hoping you find a fulfilling way to bring in 2017! 

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