5 Types of People We Encounter in Pune’s Gyms

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The gym culture in our fabulous city has changed over the years; from black alley, shady tin roof gyms to world class brands, Pune has come a long way. That being said, the kind of people you are most likely to run into has changed dramatically too; here’s a list of a few oddballs you might invariably run into…

The Gym Rats

They are in every gym, they seem to live there no matter what time or day of the week you decide to go. They use lingo like cutting, bulking, cycle, carbing, post, and intra….phew. For some reason they always seem to be in a bad mood, and throwing weights around seems to be their mantra in life.

The Loud Social Butterfly


Asics shoes, Under Armour gear and a bath in deodorant is their motto. You never see them actually doing anything in the gym besides a beach-paced stroll on the treadmill. It’s all about the “Hi!” and “Hello!” and the last weekend’s party they were at. It seems like they only come to meet and greet and network. Their cell phones are their lifelines.

The Old Timer

Usually 50 plus, ironed track pants with a crease in the front, these geezers talk of the good old days and how things used to be. They seem to only be there because their wives or kids nag them to leave the house. Smelling like Jovan Musk or Brut, they evade death on the way to the gym.

The Nouveau Riche

Good Lord have mercy, money has ruined these gym goers. Everything they wear and talk about is über chic and expensive. They are just back either from St. Tropez or Pattaya. Big cars and big talk but nothing deeper to show or talk about. If you carry anything less than an Hermès Birkin or three iPhones: “B*itch please stay away”

The Super Flirts

No matter what the sex of these people, they are only their to pickup the opposite sex; if it walks and breaths they will hit on it. The most annoying characteristic about them is their inflated self image. From 18-year-old college kids to 45-year-old cougars, a flirt is one of the most distracting things in a gym. If you see them, run in the other direction. Unless you are there for the same reason.

We will all be subjected to these kinds of people in our city. The best thing to do is headphones on world out.

I’m the gym rat. You?

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