5 Things You Should Know About the Pune Metro Project!

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If you’re eagerly awaiting the launch of Pune Metro just like us, then there’s a high chance you’ve already researched everything about the project. However, if you still don’t know enough, or are unsure about whether it will really help the city, then let me try to dissolve your doubts and queries.

Pune Maha Rail has thankfully identified all our worries, and with their prototype of the Metro compartment near Bal Gandharva, much of the confusion can be put to rest. I can safely say that I’m legit excited for the Metro, as opposed to being hesitant which I was before I read my way through it. So here are some facts and actual information to give you an insight into how this project will really turn out to be!

Why the Need

Pune Metro


Being a metropolitan, it’s imminent that we’re going to run out of the space available on roads for commuting. Day by day, the traffic is getting worse and public transport isn’t really at it optimum level. The Metro is aimed to combat these very problems, and reports say that almost 70% of reduction in traffic congestion will be observed once the project starts. It will also help the youth, students and professionals to commute hassle-free.

About the Trains

The trains will have a capacity of 1000+ commuters, and there will be a total of four coaches. The estimated travel speed will be 30 kmph to 33 kmph. The operational time will 19 hours, from 5 am to midnight. Fares will be collected electronically with the help of smart cards or computerized paper tickets!

About the Lines

Pune Metro

Two major lines will be responsible for the steady travel of the metro- Line 1 which is 17 km and Line 2 which is 15 km. Line 1 also has 5 underground stations. Line 1 is PCMC-Swargate and Line 2 is Vanaz–Ramwadi.


There will be an integrated fare system which will facilitate endless transfers. The fares, however, will vary based on the travel distance. MiCard (me card) will be the same smart card which is currently being used on the bus and BRTS systems run by PMPML. The fares will be as follows- For 0-2 km (INR 10) For 2-4 km (INR 20) For 4-12 km (INR 30) For 12-18 km (INR 40) For 18 km (INR 50).

Pune Metro


Although the metro project has been undertaken with the hope of reducing problems, it does have its fair share of issues. The biggest one being the amount of time it’s taking; the project was approved in 2012 itself, but the construction didn’t actually commence until 2016. Another massive issue is the alignment problems, the roads are unevenly elevated, and the risk of houses being rehabilitated is too high even if there are underground stations. It’s also rumoured that the project will have a negative impact on the environment- as to how and how much, that is yet to be seen!

All images are via the official Pune Metro website

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