5 Things this Pune-Based Artist Can Paint For You!

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Keith Pinto is a 25-year-old, Pune-based artist who goes by the philosophy of  “Just Paint Everything!”. He’s making waves in the city with his phenomenal wall murals and customised art work.

Keith first took interest in art during his 12th standard boards; rather, the study break before the exams began. Much like us all, he would spend hours sitting in his room, books scattered around him, looking for methods of procrastination. This one time, a rather plain looking helmet caught his eye. By the end of the study break, he had managed to transform the helmet into a beautiful piece of art. And there was no looking back!

Today, Keith specialises in wall art and customised paintings. Here are five things he can paint for you to add a splash of colour to your life!

Wall Murals


Painting a neighbour’s backyard

White walls are a thing of the past; jazz up your room, office, or basically anything with some insanely cool designs. After dedicating two months to painting the stations of Mahalaxmi and Mumbai Central, there’s nothing Keith doesn’t know about perfecting the classic wall mural!

Mahalaxmi Station (Mumbai)

Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes!

Keith painted this pair of shoes for a Lawyer

Hand-painted shoes make for great birthday presents! Keith likes to get to know his clients and paints according to their likes and interests. Whether you’re a student, lawyer, doctor, sports person, or musician, Keith has a design for you!


What’s the one thing almost every bike rider in Pune doesn’t have? Yup, a helmet. To encourage people to wear their helmets instead of leaving them at home, Keith paints customised helmets for the good people of Pune.

Shot Glasses and Laptop Sleeves 

Customised glasses are a great addition to a party; like these shot glasses painted for a 21st birthday. Laptop sleeves are also a great way to put your own mark on something so important to you!

Caps and T-shirts

What you wear is who you are, right? Get your favourite cap painted, or wear a T-shirt that tells the world who you are!

Here’s his awesome website. You can also visit Keith’s Facebook page to check out his work. If you’d like to get something painted, give him a call on 9689889306. Just paint everything! 

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