5 of Pune’s Most Hilarious and Upcoming Stand-Up Comedians

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One quality that everyone wishes to have in their partner is a good sense of humour! However, if you have not found someone tickling your funny bone, worry not! Pune is lately being more and more on the heavy dose of the best medicine, laughter; through these upcoming comedians who are making people go ROFL!

Sudhanshu Ramteke


Pursuing the serious business of comedy since eight months now, this freelancer is entertaining the crowd since his college days at Symbiosis. Moreover, he blames his family and friends for making him funny.


Piece of humour: Current fitness level- pulled a muscle while reaching for the TV remote!

Sahil Horane


He is alternating his career between the IT sector and comedy for one and a half years now and believes that he has always been a comedian as people have always laughed at him!

Piece of humour: I think the road to success is managed by Pune Municipal Corporation because it’s always under construction.

Akash Gaurav Singh


A software developer by profession, he is performing for nine months now. He says “Nothing inspired me; hence, I became a comedian.”

Piece of humour: I had a long distance relationship but it failed as I came to know the profile was fake.

Pushkar Bendre


He is currently working as a Business Development Manager in Cognizant. And, his fond memory of people chuckling at his jokes in his very first stage performance boosted his confidence to perform more.

Piece of humour: My friend never eats Tandoori chicken. I asked, “Dude what’s the problem??” He said, “Doctor ne red meat mana kiya hai.”

Rohan Dakate


This senior software engineer at an MNC finds peace in cracking people up. He loves his job so much that most of his jokes are dedicated to it and to the plight of being single.

Piece of humour:  I am so single that when a batsman takes a single, it reminds me about my past, present and future.

They all are the members of Standup Fever, which is endeavouring to promote comedy and organises several open mics in the city to encourage upcoming comic talent. 

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