5 Most-Visited Irani Cafes in Pune

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Standing the test of time and the several changes Punekars’ tastebuds have undergone, Irani cafes are still as renowned and loved as they have always been in Pune city.

The reason they’re so frequently visited is simply the basics which they always get right. A simple dish like Bun Maska can never fade out of culinary trends, and why would it? It’s wholesome and nostalgic for all Punekars. Here’s a list of the five best Irani Cafes in Pune!

Café Goodluck | FC Road


Perhaps the most beloved name in the list, Café Goodluck has a steady stream of regulars every single day. This only goes on to prove how consistently amazing their food and service has been throughout the years. Whether it’s early morning breakfast of Bun Maska and Irani Chai, or just a scrumptious lunch of Kheema Pav or Biryani, Café Goodluck sure knows how to hit the ball out of the park.

Vohuman Café | Dhole Patil Road


Vohuman Café is reminiscent of those college days- endless cups of Irani chai with friends. Their Egg Bhurji and Bun Maska are as amazing as they’ve always been, and let’s not forget about their Cheese Omelettes. If you haven’t been to Vohuman Café at least once, you haven’t explored Pune right! Be warned, it’s a long wait for a table on weekend mornings!

Irani Café | Viman Nagar & Kalyani Nagar
Image by Uber Eats

True local foodies swear by their Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Chelo Kebabs. They also serve Kheema, Kheema Ghotala, and really delicious Chicken Samosas (one of their most popular dishes). A true heaven for those who can’t get enough of Irani cuisine.

Café Yezdan | Camp

Roughly 55 years old, this Irani Café in Camp serves the best Brun Maska. Their Double Egg Omelette and Irani chai are superb as well. To be honest, it’s hard to pick out a dish here that’s not worthy of a mention.

Café Diamond Queen | Camp

Established in 1930, Café Diamond Queen is probably one of the oldest of the lot! The décor is typically that of an ancient Irani joint and the Bun-Maska, Omelette as well as the Mutton Keema are just as amazing as they have always been. The place is pretty much packed all day long, especially on weekends.

Which one is your most-visited Irani Cafe in Pune? Let us know in our Facebook comments section and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on Instagram!

Feature image by Uber Eats in association with The Punekar (2018)

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