5 More Really Creative Start-Ups in Pune

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The mecca of start-ups in Maharashtra, Pune is acting as a perfect drawing board for all the creative minds. AngelList declared Pune in the top five cities of our country which are extremely favourable for start-ups. Seed funding, investors, marketing strategies; you ask and Pune delivers it all!

Elaborating on the previous article we had done which focused on start-ups, today, we’re bringing you five more names which are breaking the creative boundaries. Check them out and see if any of their ideas gets the creative balls rolling your head!

Storage Solutions



India’s one-of-its-kind public storage facility was launched this year in Hinjawadi, Pune, by Aditya Kale, Managing Director of Imperial Logistics. Storage space at the facility can be rented by citizens who’re looking to move, relocate, refurbish, travel for long periods of time, or simply need to store things that one doesn’t want to sell, but also doesn’t have enough space for in their homes/offices. To rent storage space, you can contact them on 9657711666, or email them on storagesolutions@imperiallogistics.in | For more details on this start-up, click here!


A unique medical start-up, they provide affordable medical services for patients who are traveling to our city from abroad. This is how the concept works – the platform provides free visas, hotel bookings, air ambulances, for free, while charging a referral fee from hospitals. Their reported turnover is Rs. 6 crores, and the start-up is founded and spearheaded by Dr. Rajeev Rane and his son, Anurav Rane.

Tork Motorcycles


After getting angel funding from Bhavish Agarwal and Harpreet Grover, co-founder of Ola and CEO of CoCubes respectively, Kapil Shelke, the founder of Tork Motorcycle, started focusing on creating practical electric mobility solutions in India. Tork Motorcycles features utilities like cloud connectivity, integrated GPS, and in-built navigation capabilities. This is India’s first smart motorcycle.


Another unique Pune-based start-up, ProximiT provides proximity-based advertising in Pune’s autorickshaws. This way, customers and brands can connect with each other in the most discreet manner. Using tablets installed in auto rickshaws, they display ads and content which are triggered by geo-location. ProximiT then collects the data and provides insights to brands.

Raw Pressery


A top juice brand in India, RAW Pressery was started in Pune and Mumbai combined. Using fresh fruits and vegetables, RAW juices are cold pressed and provide high shelf life value. These custom and tailor cut juices focus on all your nutritional needs and are getting tremendous response all over the country.

Feature image by Harshal Mundada aka @thestubborn_lens on Instagram 

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