5 Marathi Short Films You Need to Check Out!

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Maharashtra houses extremely talented artists; they’re making our state proud. Some of them are getting national, even international recognition! Musicians, painters, poets, photographers, an entire list of amazing individuals who are breaking the barriers. Film makers especially!

Several film competitions in our state, especially Pune and Mumbai, host a great deal of amateur and film enthusiasts. There are numerous hidden gems of our film industry in our city itself as of now. Here’s a list of incredible short films which you absolutely need to check out if you are into filmmaking. I promise you, they will astound you!



A beautiful and touching story of a Dalit boy who studies in a local school and his fight for education. The simplicity and the charm of this young boy will move you to tears. A bold reminder of the things we take for granted and how education is important. The film revolves around the necessity for education and the extent to which a boy can go for knowledge and school.


Almost similar to Pistulya, Paywat is a beautiful journey of a village girl who fights odds for education. The film is based on the real life experiences of the autobiographical writer Mr. Mithunchandra Chaudhari and his sister. The film focuses on humble beginnings and the intensity of a rural life and the much needed change which simply never arrives!



Directed by the renowned director Mr. Kranti Kanade, this 2002 Marathi short film focuses on the story of a proud woman. Her fight with her sad destiny, and the amount of social insult females from lower caste backgrounds go through. Chaitra is a wake-up call to all those who are in denial about the plight of the backward classes.

The Kill

The Kill short film

Starring Girish Kulkarni and Radhika Apte, this 15-minute short film shows a man’s dilemma. The choice between betraying his family’s trust and betraying his religious beliefs makes for a very impactful storyline. Both the actors have put in tremendous efforts and it’s apparent from their powerful performances. Definitely worth a watch!


Vitthal short film

An emotional story about how traditional rituals clash with innocent childhood. Vitthal, a 12-year-old boy, has his head shaved off after his grandfather’s death, as our Hindu rituals ask us to. The implications of this ancient practice and how it shatters his life is portrayed in a heart-tugging storyline.

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