5 Lip-Smacking Variations of Mastani

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Way before we had coffee shops sneaking up at every nook and corner in Pune, we had our own version of deliciousness in a glass, the Mastani. True to its name, it is a delectable milkshake, loaded with dry fruits and all things good and served with a generous scoop of ice cream. The memories of going to Sujata Mastani and delving into a divine glassful, are still fresh and mouth-watering.

So while all of us have tried a version of preparing our own mastani at home, we didn’t really get it right, like, ever. That is why Sujata, with their secret recipes, still rates really high on the popularity charts. Really happy that they have way more branches now and I don’t have to travel all the way to Sadashiv Peth.

That said, I have tried a few modern versions of it, and thought I’d share them with you. So, while you still relish the goodness of the drink, there are a few additions or subtractions you can make to it, to keep it as tasty as ever; maybe, even without the guilt. So here goes…

The Pinacolada Mastani


Yes, yes the name says it all, but here is how you really pack the punch. A cup full of pineapple chunks, a cup full of coconut cream and as much rum as you want. Blend it well and chill it. For the ice cream, freeze chunks of a quarter of a pineapple and one banana for about 6 hours, blend those two together and you have a creamy ice cream. Serve the coconut cream mixture with a generous dollop of the pineapple ice cream and a dash of rum, if you please.

Vietnamese Mastani

Unheard of? Yes! Yummy? Absolutely! Now this one is fairly simple and doesn’t really involve much of creating anything. Simply pour half a cup of condensed milk into a glass, put a couple or more cubes of ice, add a scoop of luscious coffee or vanilla ice cream and top it up with black coffee. Simple on the do-ability front and irresistible on the taste front.

Loaded Berry Mastani

Now this one is for all of us that have weaned off milk and now look for substitutes. And it is simple. Take a cup and a half of all berries you can find, fresh or frozen. Blitz them, add a cup of yoghurt, some cubes of ice, and a dash of honey, if you please. Blend. For the ice cream, blend another cup of berries frozen for six hours with the humble banana also frozen for the same time. And serve the smoothieish blend with the ice cream. Job well done and well appreciated (I hope).

Dark Chocolate and Chilli Mastani

This one is sure a dream come true. Melt about half a bar of dark cooking chocolate, add two tablespoons of condensed milk, half a cup full of ice and half a cup of half and half (half milk half heavy cream). To that, add a teaspoon of chilli powder and give it a good blend. For the ice cream, get some lovely Bavarian Chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins and sprinkle it with a dash of really finely chopped red chilli, or just shout out for an easy chocolate and chilli ice cream recipe. The lazy me prefers the former.

Mastani Caprioska

This one is a winner of taste buds. Two cups of yoghurt, some mint leaves, a sprinkling of lime juice and lime rind, with a touch of salt and black pepper. Blend, blend, blend. Preferably, with some ice and a good splash of vodka. Now for the ice cream, take a ziplock bag, add two cups of half and half, four tbsp of sugar, a tsp of vanilla essence, and the grated rind of a whole lime. Now take a bigger ziplock bag and put five cups of ice and rock salt in it. Seal the first bag, place it into the larger bag and shake, shake, shake for about 10 to 15 minutes. Done. Top the blended mixture with it, and we’re home!

So, while you still have the option of trying out all the wonderful flavours at your favourite mastani parlour, you can try this out at home and will always have a lip-smacking audience asking for more.

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