5 Insanely Delicious Non-Veg Thalis in Pune

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Whoever said Thalis are only veg simply didn’t know where to go. Also, those of you who think Maharashtrian food mainly consists of tindli and puran poli, and no meat, you’re in for a slurrpy surprise! In case you don’t already know, a Thali is basically the “All You Can Eat” version of a Desi Meal – complete with sabji, daal or curry, rice, bread and some sides like raita, papad, chutneys and achaar.

Oh, not to forget a delicious drink like lassi or sol kadi to wash it all down with. If you’re looking to have a hearty, homely, and filling non-vegetarian meal, here’s where you can head. Neh, SHOULD head. 

Maratha Samrat

A small, tucked -away little place that serves spicy and authentic Maharashtrian food. They are best known for their mutton thalis, which come with a mutton gravy, kheema, pandhara, tambada rassa, and two large chapatis or one bhakri. All their thali’s are also served with papad and solkadi. The food is absolutely delicious with just the right amount and mixture of spices, as well as very filling. Their service is quick and warm.



A chain of outlets known for their non-veg grub. Maharashtrian style food that does not disappoint. Their chicken/mutton thalis are served with a sukka (dry) dish, a gravy dish, curry, one bhakri or two chapatis, rice/biryani and papad. The meat is tender and juicy, while the zesty masalas are tantalizing with an explosion of flavours. The rassa is absolutely to die for. Besides the thalis their biryani is also a must-try! All in all, terrific food, ample quantity and not too heavy on the pocket would describe Tiranga.

Hotel Kaveri

Hotel Kaveri is one of the oldest and finest joints of the city to serve Kolhapuri Maharashtrian food. Don’t go by the look of the place (or their aptitude for spellings) because their ‘chickan’ and mutton thalis will leave you craving for more! Just ensure you are carrying a handkerchief for your tears of joy and chili!

Fish Curry Rice

A food haven for fish lovers! To begin your meal, they will start you off with their signature kokum sherbet as soon as you’ve taken a seat. Once you’ve had your fill of the delicious sherbet, try their surmai fry and prawns fry. They offer a fish thali, mutton thali and a chicken thali. All their thalis are served with a dry dish, a curry, chapati/bhakri, rice and Solkadi. For those who do not eat fish, the mutton and chicken thalis here are equally delicious, although slightly spicy. I personally could not get enough of their solkadi!

Kolhapuri Katta

*Sweat drops clinging to forehead, nose running, eyes red and brimmed, and hands deep in delicious gravy and rice.* That’s right, that’s the only way to experience Kolhapuri Katta. They offer around 13 different types of thalis with variations of chicken, mutton, fish and egg, each yummier than the other. The thalis are served with Tambda Rassa, Pandhara Rassa, Bhakari/Chapatti, and Rice/Biryani. The spicy food will have you in hiccoughs but it’ll be worth it! If you truly enjoy spicy food, you will love the rassa here and you’ll be gulping down one bowl after another!

Eat, eat, eat, repeat, Punekars! 

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