5 Bird Watching Spots around Pune

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Amongst the many wonderful things to do in Pune, one of them is to head a little out of the city and engage in some serene bird-watching! It’s a different, unique affair, where you marvel and learn to identify the beauty of the fauna around you. If you want to embrace this new hobby, then check out these five spots where you can partake in bird watching near Pune!

Pashan Lake
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Located just 12 kilometers from Pune, Pashan Lake offers splendid opportunities to spend some time with nature. The majestic lake is home to several species of animals, mostly birds. Take a weekend out and go camping with your loved ones! Birds like the Common Coot and Black Winged Stilt are found in abundance here during their migratory season.


Kavadi Pat
Image by @rutwin

Located 20 km from Pune, Kavadi Pat is renowned for the winter wetland birds. The small bridge on the river is a perfect spot for bird watching and clicking photos. Birds like Northern Shoveler, Common Coot can be seen here in abundance.

Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary
Image by @littlemisschatterbox28

Popularly known as the Bharatpur of Maharashra, Bhigwan is a paradise for migratory birds. It is rumored that almost 250 species of birds migrate here, including Flamingos, Bar Headed Goose, Comb Duck, and the Pintail Duck.

Veer Dam
Image by @aniketdhere

Located near Shirwal, 60 km from Pune, the backwaters of Veer Dam are home to several species of migratory birds. On a good day, you can see some of the most exotic birds like the Demoiselle Crane, Brahmin Duck, Great Egret, Cattle Egret and other special species of migratory birds.

Sinhagad Valley
Image by @naturebeckonsme

This valley houses some of the most marvelous and exotic species of animals. Popular as a hiking location, the valley is a perfect destination for a wild life trail, and it’s here that you’ll be able to gaze at birds like Verideter, Tickell’s Blue, Monarch, and even the Ultramarine!

Feature Image by @littlemisschatterbox28 via Instagram

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