5 Animal Shelters in Pune you should be Familiar with!

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I’m sure that these words will be read by responsible and aware individuals in Pune who will take appropriate measures upon seeing an injured animal, or one in need of a shelter. At some point or another, we’ve all come across animals in need of help, but may or may not have known how we can help them and who we should call! If you’re amongst the ones who’ve not known, worry not! Here are six animal shelters in Pune who can guide you!

ResQ Charitable Trust, Chandani Chowk

Perhaps the most popular name for us Punekars, and rightly so! ResQ has been operating since 2007, and this NGO has helped a lot of abandoned animals to find caring, better homes. They also deal with animal rights and laws!

Mission Possible


Image via Hindustan Times

Padmini Stump and Dr. Ravi Kasbekar together founded Mission Possible, a shelter home for stray dogs in Saswad. As per reports, in 2018, they gave shelter to over 500 strays and took care of their daily (including medical) needs. Over a thousand pets have been adopted from them in the last 11 years!

SPCA, Katad Khana

SPCA, or Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, is an NGO as well as a shelter which strives hard for the betterment of abandoned animals and animal life in general. They are an excellent option if you need legal aid in the cases of animal violence and crimes!

Jeevraksha Animal Shelter, Camp
Image by Sanket Wankhade via HT Photo

An animal shelter operated by people passionate about wildlife is always an excellent sign, and at JAS, the individuals running this shelter are as passionate as they come. You can visit them and play with the dogs, or even donate food or other basic neccesities to them!

Bluecross, Mundhwa
Image via Sanket Wankhede/ HT Photo

Before I start, I know what you are thinking. Certain controversies have been attached to Bluecross in the past couple of years, so although their shelters might not be the best to vouch for, they surely can help you with legal aid and guidance. They are active on social media, so if you have any questions regarding a wounded animal or animal abuse, they will surely help you out!

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