5 Adventurous Things You Must Do Around Pune in 2017 – Part II

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For those of you who’ve decided that 2017 is going be your year; the year you live it up, this one is for you. We’ve compiled a two-part adventure bucket list which doesn’t require you to go too far from Pune, and covers a wide range of activities with covering a varied price range. Here’s the second leg of the adventurous journey. (You can read the first part here.)

Torna Fort Night Trek


Trekking is a moderately less intimidating adventure to start off with, and there are some beautiful places to trek around Pune. Some as close as Lohagad and others like Bhimashankar and Bhandardara. If you want to take your trekking adventure up a notch, how about trekking in the moonlight? The Torna Night Trek is a more challenging trek in general and takes place on a full moon night to add to the excitement. Accommodation for the night is arranged within a temple at the fort.


Scuba Diving and Water Sports in Tarkali

If you thought there weren’t enough good beaches closer to Pune, you thought wrong. Tarkali in Malvan holds a beachside haven waiting to be explored. This year, befriend underwater creatures with a professional scuba diving experience. Embark on the Dolphin Safari or the Sangam Safari where you can witness crocodiles languishing in their natural habitat.

Sky Diving at Aamby Valley

Everybody says they want to go skydiving, because it is literally the most popular (and probably the craziest and ballsy) adventure sport that’s out there! Well, here’s a chance to actually show people whether you mean it or not. Aamby Valley in Lonavala is the closest spot to Pune that offers a skydiving experience. So, are you ready to get on a plane, strap on a parachute, and take the jump?

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Lonavala

Make a trip to the hill station that beholds many college-day memories but this time around, from up above. Take off high in the sky and enjoy a stunning view of vast greenery, valleys, and luscious lakes of the misty Sahyadris. Look at your favourite hill station like never before. The unforgettable experience lasts for an hour.

Water Sports in Tarkali

Tarkali’s most exciting adventure activity is scuba diving, but if underwater is not your thing, engage in some exciting water sports above the surface. They offer everything you’d do on your Goa trip but saving you the 12-hour journey. From parasailing and kayaking, to jet ski rides and banana boats, this beach has it all.

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