4 of Pune’s Most Sizzling Fashion Bloggers

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How many times have you bought a shirt, then never worn it because you didn’t know what to pair it with? How often have you enviously eyed an outfit on a mannequin or a magazine only to replicate it and resemble a potato? Now, not all of us are lucky enough to have a personal stylist if we have no fashion sense of our own. Which is when we turn to our happy little helpers. Pune has it’s set of fashionistas who blog in hopes to make the city a little more stylish and are always happy to lend a helping hand (or accessory!).  Here are the women who can help you dress for your body type and find your individual style. *drumroll please*

Madhumita Chakravarty – Envogue: Diva.M


Got to find an outfit for an office party in the evening and birthday bash later that night? Madhumita is your go-to girl. Pune based Madhumita Chakravarty is a financial analyst by day and a diva by night. Madhumita’s blog, Envogue: Diva.M, equally portrays the versatility of her style and personality – from flowing day dresses and flowers in the hair to simple and understated work wear. Her personal style is very crisp and simple, yet with some fun elements to keep it edgy. Her diversified style may be inspired by her opinion of fashion in the city. “Pune is a culmination of two worlds – Oxford of The East and Home of The Peshwa – and so is its fashion quotient. Fashion in Pune is all about day to day comfort coupled with tradition,” she says.


Natasha Shrotri – Mariposa Love


“The things you are passionate about are not random… they are your calling!” – Natasha.

Who said beauty with brains is uncommon? Natasha Shrotri is an army kid, an engineer, and an avid fashion and travel blogger. Amidst her engineering career, Natasha found herself visiting and traveling across countries where she found her calling. She began blogging about her travel adventures and about fashion in 2010 as a hobby. Her inspiration for fashion and style is developed from the various places she travels to and the different people she meets. Today her blog has flourished into an online store where you can purchase a wide range of the hottest accessories and clothes. So if you’re planning a vacation, not only will she tell you what to pack, but also help you buy it!

Aleena Mackar – The Style Chair


Throw in fashion advice with a make-over, complete with hair and make-up, and you’ve got yourself Aleena Mackar and The Style Chair. Aleena is a professional hairstylist, make up artist and a fashion and beauty blogger with 9 years of experience in the field. She believes that Pune’s fashion game is very strong, thanks to the abundance of young blood in the city. “Punekars are trendy with a fun and quirky dressing sense, but at the same time, they know how to get power dressing right when they need to!” – Aleena Mackar. Aleena draws inspiration from literally everything and everyone, whether it’s a celebrity or someone that walks into her salon. She feels like she picks up a little something from everyone, which is what makes her personal style very dynamic, quirky and experimental.

June Biswas – June Wants It All


If you thought that fashionistas don’t eat because they have to watch their waistline – then you haven’t met June Biswas! June Biswas is a fashion and food blogger, and a keen believer in style over fashion. She does not like to follow trends but believes in helping people create their own individual style. When she’s not shopping or looking for a new place to eat, June likes to travel and laze around by the beach, and her own personal style reflects her beach bum and diva split personality perfectly. “My personal style is a mix of glam, boho, edgy and crazy all put in a martini glass, shaken and stirred!” When it comes to fashion in Pune, June thinks that the city is rapidly evolving in terms of shopping options – from international brands, to reasonable boutiques and online shopping, Punekars have access to great clothing and accessories through which to express their personality. So not only can June tell you the best food joints in Pune but she’ll probably tell you what to wear to them as well!

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